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“Male” Baby Born With No Penis


A baby born with no penis has been proclaimed male, mainly on the basis of his DNA. The baby was also born without a right thumb and ear and without properly functioning eyelids.

He was registered as a male on his official birth certificate at the Tuanku Fauziah Hospital in Malaysia, after some quick tests confirmed he has more masculine features than otherwise.

The boy can urinate quite readily though he does so through his anus.


His parents are now seeking ways to fix this and his other deformities. “We are all sad just to think that he will grow up without the male’s most important organ, and the emotional stress that awaits him,” his mother said.

He will be eligible for plastic surgery and prosthetics at around age four, but his family hopes to expedite the process so he will not undergo as much emotional stress were he older when the surgeries take place.

The baby is currently under medical supervision to tend to and observe how his disabilities may affect his day to day living.

Via Bernama.

Last year a baby was born with an additional penis, though removed, and a successful penal allotransplant occurred in China in 2005, when a man who lost his unit in an accident had one transplanted from a freshly brain dead man. In that case, the transplantee had the penis removed because of the psychological distress his new member gave him…

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