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As another anonymous person stated, I think most people would willingly live a life of leisure rather than having to put in a full day’s work. It’s a thing of human nature, not gender.

Considering the fact that in many cases women end up doing more work than men in many modern cultures and generally are better at multitasking – (this article unfortunately only covers American statistics – which do not always cover over a multi-cultural phenomena such as this) it’s really no surprise. Wasn’t there another article on this website that was also noting how many women – specifically in that article Japanese ladies – prefering the company of their own mind to another human? Usually due to the fact of the odd sort of gender roles and current paradigm shift occurring in Japanese culture as well as the world in general – for better or worse.

Problem is, the reality of being an at home spouse isn’t “sitting around watching TV”. There is a great deal of work that goes into it as well, especially if one considers the increasing instances of divorce, single parenthood, and so on.

Marriage itself is an institution for the distribution of wealth and division of labor. In many of these cases, I really see that trophy wives they mention are maybe a notch above prostitutes. They are allowing person x to have their company on a regular basis for the cost of rent, food, cable, and other creature comforts. And in such a case, I find men who marry women that are gold diggers usually end up finding that the pretty ones who are so quick to marry a rich man – are often not the ones who actually satisfy them and vice versa. But then again, there are guys who do have the fantasy of being an independently wealthy man with a harem of beautiful ladies to service his every desire ( Oshiete RE Maid Lesson moment to break the seriousness <3 – btw… not all women hate hentai/ecchi/loli/bdsm/etcetc…)

It's unfortunately becoming a neccessity for many cultures to have both male and females working out of the home as inflation goes up – counterbalancing the attempt to increas income. In the cases of many married women – this means doing a full time job and then coming home to take care of a family while the husband (or male figure if he's still around) may relax or just "tune out" after a stressful day. This is of course assuming that he is still around. All of this is done while we are told to be beautiful, strong, motherly, and be the "working mom".

Many cultures are still very much of the opinion that women are the "lesser" gender. As males tend to be the dominant ones due to cultural roles that were defined well before any of us were born, most guys don't really understand the concept of being female as much as a Caucasian person would understand being of African descent, or a person of rural Tibetan ancestry when compared to someone of an urban Rome lifestyle. And generally speaking of most people – there is a lack of empathy and ability to put one's self in the shoes of another. But women were generally kept home because we're not as physically strong as men, back before there was birth control women who were of child bearing age were likely to be pregnant or caring for children, and so forth.

If you look into many tribal cultures before the invent of industrialization – it's a pretty practical lifestyle. Women often provided the bulk of food through foraging/fishing and men generally hunted for meat. Oddly enough, most tribal cultures also have/had shorter work days than our "civilized" society.

I've seen a highly negative view of females and various cultures on this website. I.E – "All women and ( insert ambiguous nationality other than your own) seem to viewed as petty femi/nazi's with an axe to grind with all of the world for no particularly good reason other than to be a pain in the ass."

It's good to know the relatively anonymous nature of the internet allows people to show their true bitterness about life in general without any pretense.

Which is just sort of amusing to me – wonder why do so many men on this website have such bad opinions of all women( bad IRL experiences, gents?). I can't help but wonder if some of it comes from an intrinsic dislike of the fact that the world isn't under their complete control or their inability to communicate with the opposite gender – or being surrounded by morons IRL. Which I should note – idiocy does not discriminate between gender, race, creed, and nationality. It's sort of like death – idiocy is the great equalizer…

Some of us ladies actually do have brains and do have more than just a nice snug trio of holes, breasts, hands, feet, knees – etc to service you with. Granted, those are still nice to look at and enjoy – and are no way to be underestimated or an excuse to see us as just a nice place to stick your man parts whenever you're bored or frustrated. But I suppose it can be attributed to ignorance, laziness, lack of understanding, need for attention, and a general need to vent bitterness about circumstances in life people can't change.

Over all though – these girls would still end up earning every penny. Marriages made for money are generally not a happy thing an take a toll on both parties. Granted, who wouldn't like a lifetime of leisure to focus on their own pursuits – watching TV, saving rain forests, researching protozoa, blogging, and so on…

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