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I think all of you people are being hypocrites here. Really what’s so strange about them not wanting to work? I don’t want to work ether. I do it only because i need money to live. Don’t you guys hate waking up very early while you wanted so much to stay in your nice warm bed for another hour? I know i do. Every morning i woke up i curse the fact that i have to go to my fucking job and can’t sleep as much as i want. And why should i be happy for spending 8-10 hours a day working, while i could be doing something i liked and have fun?
Basically they just want what every one wants. Men don’t say such things simply because they know that society does not approve a man sitting home while his wife works so they don’t have much chance at it.
If i win the lottery i would stop working immediately and tell my boss to go screw himself because now am rich and i don’t need him.
I agree that by not working you shouldn’t become some couch potato that gets fat. But other than that there wish is not that strange.
And let’s not forget that the governments took a very good advantage of the fact that women wanted to work by raising the cost of life and now when you have a family both have to work even if they don’t want to. In the old days a salary man could take care of his family with the money he brought home. But now it’s impossible. Only if his some executive or something like that this can happen. I’m quite certain that if women never started becoming career women and all, that half of the products would have had half the price they have now.

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