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Reason #6, 324, 775 to avoid Japanese women.

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  • Aso: “Poor People Shouldn’t Marry”:
    Vicious, pre-nups aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. The fantasy where you can have a contract that says “you leave with what you came with” is just that…a fantasy….a pre-nup like that can be defeated in a heartbeat. The only pre-nups that stand up are ones that give the poor partner (read: wife) a fair recompense for time put in….well what’s the point of the prenup if you have to pay? The bottom line is that no one deserves to be paid merely for being in a relationship and that’s …

  • Lolicon Grooms Undercover Cops:
    Yes. If you shoot and miss, you’ve killed / injured no one. That said, in many countries you’ve broken a firearms law for that but that’s different. What’s next pantywaist… want police to arrest people who are mean to you? Grow up. More police supervision == police state….go read 1984 ffs.

  • “Shotgun Weddings” Now “Angel Weddings”:
    As much as I love 2D Japan, and in some cases live-action Japan (movies, dorama), real-life Japan is just plain sad. To see an entire nation buying into a sad lie is painful. The rest of the world has already realized that there is no such thing as an “accidental pregnancy”….you see long ago we figured out the causal relationship between unprotected sex and pregnancy so if you have unprotected sex, it’s another way of saying “I want a child”. It’s no accident…the act of having unprotected …

  • Pachinko Ita-Office Building:
    Exactly anon. Saki is rubbish, an insult to the proud genre of mahjong anime. No amount of service can save this piece of shit. Mahjong without gambling = a complete waste of time. This trend of ruining guy things with girl animes must stop…first Kendo (Bamboo Blade), now mahjong. Kaiji is average, with stupid games in it. But Akagi is GOD-LIKE! He makes mahjong seem riveting (and I really did learn mahjong from watching/reading Akagi, Tetsuya and Kindai Mahjong magazine).

  • Girl Impregnated by Swimming Pool:
    The bullet pregnancy story dates back to the american civil war…see how long urban myths can last?


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