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If my wife were like that, she’d damn better be a supermodel and stay like that.

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  • “Why is Crime in Japan Lower Than in Christian Countries?”:
    The answer is simple. Japan doesn’t have a mass of stupid niggers or spics. End of story.

  • Apple: Smoking “Biohazard,” Voids Mac Warranties:
    At least I don’t have a $3000 investment that can break. If one component fails in my computer, I can simply troubleshoot it myself instead of dealing with a computer technician. If it’s broken, I can simply buy another one. Buying the individual component is probably cheaper than getting an apple warranty. And that’s assuming that the component in question is out of its factory warranty. And when I troubleshoot my own computer, I won’t need to worry about any cigarette biohazards or anything …

  • Apple: Smoking “Biohazard,” Voids Mac Warranties:
    Not lying. When I built my new computer I already had a computer case, mouse, keyboard, CD drive, and monitor. I just needed to get a power supply, graphics card, mother board, ram, cpu, cpu cooler, case fans, windows 7 OS, and hard drive. These components can easily fall under $1000.

  • Apple: Smoking “Biohazard,” Voids Mac Warranties:
    I thought Macs never break? HAHAHAHAHA Further evidence that Macs suck dick. $3000 for a Mac? Talk about a waste of money. I managed to build a pretty robust gaming machine for under $1000 using older computer parts and new components. Everything works just fine. Macs are either for dumb people who don’t know computers, or faggots.

  • Top 10 Professions Japanese Women Most Want to Date:
    “I don’t even have my dignity anymore” I threw away your argument when I reached this statement.


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