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XP-tan… why didn’t any of us notice this was happening to you sooner? ;_;

How could we not have loved you enough to intervene before it became too late?

Shame on us. This was our fault too.

But who will still be willing to stand with you on your road to recovery? Who are the faithful among us?

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    Have you considered that perhaps where he comes from, guerrilla balls suck him?

  • Eroge Demo Released:
    Regarding the redhead’s shirt, CCCP or the other CCCP? These are internet-based otaku after all.

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    Bioware would have been better off if they’d actually taken a lesson from JRPG’s stagnancy and had a good look at their own concept of “evolving”. The farther they’ve taken things from BGII + Throne of Bhaal, the blander their material has been.

  • Bad Apple:
    Right, I wasn’t paying attention. Now that I saw the whole thing from start to finish, it’s obvious they were animated 3D models. The broomstick flying looked so natural in the begining it clouded my viewing comprehension : But the transitions in particular along with some of the miscellaneous bits (like those smiles) were probably done using vectors. Like you say.

  • Bad Apple:
    My guess is he used Twixtor Pro for either Premiere or Vegas. You can draw motion at only a few frames per second, and then have the program generate in-between frames using vector processing to smooth it out. After X number of passes you’ll have zero duplicate frames within whatever FPS your project is in (so 60 unique frames of motion in a 60 FPS project). Similarly, you can convert NTSC (29.97 FPS) into Double-NTSC (59.94 FPS) to give footage that super smooth look. Only a guess though. – …


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