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Housewife Top Career Choice: “I Want To Watch TV All Day”


The career aspirations of Japanese women are said to be increasingly centred on the prospect of becoming a fulltime housewife, but instead of citing a desire to raise a family many such women are instead determined to enjoy a life of leisure supported by their man: “I don’t want to work,” “I want to sleep,” “I want to be watching daytime TV.”

“I want to be a housewife so I can take it easy and don’t have to work” sums up this line of thought.

Even promising graduates from top universities are said to sometimes be more concerned with finding a husband to support their dissolution than with pursuing a career.

The example of one such lady is illustrative; at 23 she graduated and found work in a large financial firm, but in a matter of months her courting paid off and she secured a marriage proposal from a 24-year-old man she had dated a few months, after which she immediately quit and became a housewife:

“She was saying she didn’t want to work and wanted to become a housewife before she was proposed to. She had only been in the company a month when she quit. She had a child soon after and seems happy,” reports an acquaintance.

It seems the only reason such a young man was able to secure a bride was due to his position in a first-rate company…

Some simply pick marriage as the lesser evil, despising work, such as the case of a Waseda graduate who in similar fashion quit her company after only a month in favour of pursuing marriage. “These women want to marry their boyfriends because work is too hard for their tastes,” it is said.

Via JCast.

Of course, there are those who will point out that a housewife’s lot is not always an easy one, but if we are to consider the examples given above it seems rather charitable to assume such that the housewives in question have any intention of doing anything but what pleases them.

As we have seen, it seems securing a high income husband to leech from is rather more appealing to many Japanese women than the challenges of pursuing an independent career, and men seem for some reason less desirous of such arrangements

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