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CLAMP Illustrates Hatsune Miku MAD



Famed doujin circle turned professional mangaka group CLAMP recently turned their art skills toward Nico, uploading a PV of an existing Hatsune Miku song, Mugen no Yami (Infinite Darkness).

The art consists of only still images, but still makes for a excellent viewing as CLAMP’s version of Vocaloid princess Miku is striking.

In the improbable case a refresher on CLAMP’s past works is needed, some of their better known credits include the (human) character designs for Code Geass, creating countless manga titles such as xxxHolic, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles, Chobits, and of course Card Captor Sakura, amongst many others.

As always, comments can be turned off on Nico by pressing the comments (the speech bubble) icon.

【初音ミク】無限の闇―echo of the past【オリジナル 】 / Hatsune Miku – Infinite Darknesss-echo of the past (Original)

The official CLAMP website contains this entry that was posted Monday by the 4-woman group regarding the video.

It is rather long, but essentially, the mangaka were all recent iniates to Nico Nico Douga, became entranced with watching video after video and developed a liking towards MADs using the various Vocaloids.

After some worrying about trademark rights about putting a Vocaloid PV on Nico (an overly prudent worry, akin to getting permission to inhale the air at a public park), they selected Mugen no Yami, a song uploaded to Nico back in May.

They seem to be quite thrilled about the new experience, and express gratitude to all viewers, commentors and people who have favorited the video.


Fan delight will likely be tempered with foreboding, lest they fall prey to the same affliction which has struck down Berserk mangaka Kentaro Miura

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