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Nintendo Strikes Back: 8 Years for DS Modchip Seller


A man convicted of importing 20,000 “majikon” devices, used to circumvent copy protection on the Nintendo DS, has been sentenced to 8 years in prison in a case which represents a victory for Nintendo and its efforts to stamp out sales of the popular devices.

The man, identified usefully as “Kim”, was handed the sentence by a Seoul court; the court had this to say:

“Suspect Kim distributed illegal software and devices for Nintendo’s console, and circumventing the copy protection on these devices is a severe crime indeed.”

The distributor in this case was indicted in 2007; it seems the courts have taken their time with him, though it is not too hard to guess who may have been funding or assisting the prosecution…

Via Innolife.

Nintendo has been vigorously pursuing “majikon” sales in Japan and elsewhere for some time now, though in most jurisdictions it seems such a long sentence is out of the question, and of course in the places actually manufacturing the units there are generally no prosecutions whatsoever.

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