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Lol, even the Enterprise was included :D

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  • Ghost in the Shell Movie “Flops Dismally”:
    Yes.. we dont know yet, but it could very well be that the Akira and Alita Movies could turn out like GITS, if they dont learn from Gits Mistake..

  • Skin-Tight Jam Kuradoberi Figure:
    Im sadly not a Guilty Gear player, so i just didnt know, thanks for informing me about it tho.

  • Ghost in the Shell Movie “Flops Dismally”:
    I think the main problem is.. the Movie TRIES really FUCKING HARD to combine EVERY source of Ghost in the Shell, to combine it into one Movie.. and it just doesnt work that way.. unless the Movie copied the Manga 1:1 which i just dont know. The thing is.. from what i saw they just mashed together the Stories of the First Anime Movie, then some plot from the Animated Series by adding its “Villain” into its Story while also referencing the Puppetmaster, sigh, i could go fucking on forever …

  • Skin-Tight Jam Kuradoberi Figure:
    Oi Rift, is there a reason why you didnt include the Picture the Figure was based off?

  • First 5 Min of Hollywood GitS: “What Have They Done…”:
    Just compare Total Recall with Arnold with its Remake and you notice how fucking Soft Cinema got over the Years. We wont see any gore in the Gits Movie, i bet on that.


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