Comment on DAICON III & IV: Cult Gainax Bunny Girl Action by バカも一芸:

Worst remastering job ever. Seriously. It looks like shit. The crappy old mpeg version I have looks better.

That said, the Daicon IV animation is some of my all-time favorite animation. Especially the city scene. Those explosion effects were ridiculously detailed.

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  • C76 Comiket Cosplay Sexier Than Ever:
    Heh, someone actually cosplayed Tomodachi. Fucking epic. (Wrong hand though, man.) I’ve seen pics of people wearing a cardboard cutout warai otoko mark as a mask… I want to make one that actually has the moving text. I can totally do it, too.

  • Sexy Zettai Ryouiki Vipper Gallery:
    I had already guessed they were all guys, heh. It seemed highly suspect. :P

  • robot super color comic:
    I really need to catch up on this. I have volumes 1-4 and the limited edition volume 6 of the Japanese version… I’m a big fan of both Range Murata and Yoshitoshi ABe. (The books reside on my shelf full of Range Murata’s artbooks and doujins)

  • Fault!!:
    I’d play tennis with her. :3

  • Anime Studio Recruits Slaves by Blood Type:
    Source on the pic? I like it. :D Also, on a related note, A Positive. (Of course, I’m also 28 and can’t draw worth a damn, lol)


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