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“Starship Radish”.


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  • Live Action Imouto Okashii Movie Revealed:
    Miss “Tenchimu” Hashimoto was born in China (her Mom is Japanese, making her officially ‘half’) but grew up in Japan. Her recent photoshoot in a mens’ mag turned out like this: In comparison Mayu, the model playing the dead girl, looks like this: Take a guess which one is getting more mehs ;)

  • Imouto Okashii Moist Mizugi Mischief:
    Not much of a chastity belt fan myself, but some of the situations these girls get themselves into are certainly rather, uh, wetting. And then there’s the fact that 3D may actually have the upper hand this time: here are the two leading ladies cast in the upcoming live-action version, Mitsuki on the left, and Hiyori (the dead girl) on the right. The movie itself will hit (some) theatres 17 May. Interestingly the …

  • Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Tsukiko Nekomimi Figure:
    How ’bout… white cotton with a little pink ribbon xD

  • Accel World Kuroyukihime Deadly Embrace Figure:
    Still not 100% visible, but some *very* pleasant closeups here ;)

  • Angelic Tenshi Figure:
    Scroll down for a cast-off teaser pic. . . ;)


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