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K-ON! Parody Madness



A pair of new K-ON! MADs have come onto Nico recently, quickly rising up to high spots on the Anime Rankings chart. They certainly deserve their popularity, although for differing reasons…

The first is a 15-minute long masterwork of a fan-episode, splicing together several episodes of the show with a ceaseless deluge of Clannad, Haruhi, and other otaku references constantly bombarding the dazed viewer. It is difficult to describe in words, so a viewing is most recommended.

The second is not nearly as insane, but still makes for a bewildering experience, taking the classic space-cowboy series Cowboy Bebop’s famous OP, “Tank”, and inserting the K-ON! girls in place of Spike and company…

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けいおん!もう一つの世界 / K-On! ~Another World~

It goes without saying that those in need of subtitles might find themselves somewhat lost, but viewers familiar enough with the references contained within the MAD have a good chance of recognizing them regardless.

Readers with a memory for episode titles will quickly note that even the MAD’s name is another Clannad reference!

けいおん!ビバップ / K-On! Bebop

Ritsu’s hand cannons, and the new backround text are definite highlights.

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