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Boris Vallejo “Golden Lover” Figure by Yamato


A new figure from maker Yamato, the “Golden Lover” comes from their Fantasy Figure Gallery line and is a rather atypical work for a Japanese figure producer, lacking any sort of anime styling and actually based on source art by Western artists.

Yamato is not new to this sort of thing, and so the result is quite impressive…

Yamato calls this PVC figure the ゴールデンラバー / Golden Lover. No scale ratio is given, but she stands approximately 24cm tall, and an estimated guess would put somewhere around 1/7 scale.

As mentioned earlier, Yamato is not a figure company in the vein of Kotobukiya or Alter, producing a wide range of items from the usual bishoujo-style figure we are most accustomed to, but also mecha, dollfie-like dolls, miniature chibi figures, and western-inspired creations such as this figure.

The source art for the figure actually comes from well-known Western fantasy-erotica husband and wife team of Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, which can be seen further below.









It is a bit harder to judge such a style when you are mostly familiar with bishoujo-style works, but the sculpt on the face is definitely impressive, no matter by what standards.

The woman’s golden partner (whom we’ll call Dragon-chan) also comes off very well – you could be forgiven for suspecting the use of gold foil at a quick glance.


Pushing Dragon-chan’s body aside will not display any of the lady’s pinker bits, as there is nothing sculpted underneath, unfortunately…



The base might seem a bit small (Yamato likes the use of smaller, transparent bases like these), but it does complement the graceful billowing of Dragon-chan’s tail just above it, instead of distracting focus away from it.

The source art:


Yamato’s Golden Lover is available for pre-orders now, although at a slightly higher price than usual – as expected, she falls squarely into the high-tier of figure pricing at over ¥10,000.

See the rest of photos at Akiba Hobby.


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