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Seiyuu Marina Inoue Draws Magical Girl Manga


Singer-seiyuu Marina Inoue (Gurren Lagann’s Yoko, Maria Holic’s Matsurika) has already had her impressive art skills displayed here before, and she seems to have developed quite a taste for drawing as new art of hers continues to come online.

Inoue seems to be coming closer to fellow otaku idol Shoko-tan’s level of artistic accomplishment, although not nearly as disturbing as Shoko-tan’s own guro artwork

These two pages are the only two of a short manga Inoue has so far uploaded; she apparently has completed 8 pages of her magical girl story, Kuma-tan Senshi Hoippu-chan (Bear-tan Warrior Hoippu-chan).



Despite the utter lack of context of the plot, here is a rough translation of the above page:


Y-You…You…are the only one I can never, EVER FORGIVE!!!


W-What is this power…!?



This Kuma-tan power that’s overflowing…it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before…

Is this really Hoippu-chan’s true Kuma power?!



It is obviously hard to make heads or tails of what is going on, except that kuma (bear) power is direly needed somewhere, and Hoippu-chan appears to be supplying it.

She definitely looks to be up to the challenge of a magical girl in any case, as her depiction on the particularly attractive cover shows:


Future updates are likely to appear on Marina Inoue’s personal blog.

Her official Aniplex site may also be of interest.

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