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Anyone have an updated list?

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  • Mitsudo Moe Ecchi Loli Moe:
    I love that kid with the hat that has the number 69 on it.

  • The Sky’s the Limit for K-ON!! Plagiarism:
    Totally off-topic but since I just realized it I thought I should put it up here… I have a feeling that K-ON!! Will be 52+ episodes… by the way it’s going it started in Spring when graduation and the new school year starts for Japan, and now it’s in the Summer arc, which is confirmed to have 3+ Episodes which is appropriate for the Japanese summer break from school. I think It’ll most likely go on for a whole year, until the girls graduation, and then maybe a season 3? Featuring Azusa only, …

  • Aya Hirano Back to Brown:
    I actually liked her better in 2006 when she had that long black… however her new hairstyle is very cute I like it a lot.

  • Aya Hirano Back to Brown:
    I liked her better back in 2006 when she had that long black hair… However, her new look is very cute as well.

  • New Vocaloid “Sukone Tei” Announced:
    Even if it is fake. It’s still pretty clever… I really wanted this to be real too… Then again, maybe not… Well, after listening to it a few times, I guess her voice kinda grew to me.


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