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Hinako is Exercise

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  • Cardboard Gundam: Not Bad For $25…:
    Japan will have Gundam. China will have cheap knock-offs. America will have Metal Gear.

  • Hatsune Miku English Version Announced:
    We are Vocaloid. Lower your Firewalls and surrender your computers. We will add your musical and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to listen to us. Resistance is futile.

  • Panty & Stocking: “My Name is Panty, & I Love Having S*x!”:
    *EX… I’ve got it! REX! This anime will have Metal Gear in it!

  • Apple Sued Over iPhone 4’s Dodgy Antenna:
    It’s a hardware problem. Apple made the choice to have the antennae on the outside. Note the small gap in the metal side on the bottom left side of the phone. That’s the gap between the antenna, and when you hold it in a certain way you hand acts as a bridge between the two antenna, causing it to work on a different wavelength than it should. TL;DR, hardware not software.

  • Top 10 Scariest Video Game Enemies:
    A good way to kill just about anything is to have full stealth and unarmed/melee, equip the Chinese stealth armour and your favourite close range weapon (or even just your fists) and then just sneak everywhere. Had a Super Mutant Overlord run right into me after attacking him him and he didn’t even notice, just kept looking for what was attacking him until I punched him to death. The other mutants nearby didn’t even notice what was going on.


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