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“Rape Game” Censorship Begins


The feminist imposed censorship of Japan’s thriving visual novel culture has already been felt, with titles already released and due for release being forced to change their charming titles, typically so they make less explicit reference to the kind of BDSM scenarios which are a staple of the genre, as you can see below:

Note: The titles make little sense even in Japanese, so the English versions sound even more ridiculous.

寝盗られ女教師 ~美幌先生陵辱日誌~ → 「寝盗られ女教師 ~美幌先生○辱日誌~」

“Peeping on Sleeping Teacher – Mihoro-sensei Rape Diary” becomes “Peeping on Sleeping Teacher – Mihoro-sensei **pe Diary”

隷嬢の姦獄 → 「令嬢の監獄」

“Slave Girl’s Rape Hell” becomes “Girl’s Prison”

はらぷり ~ぬるぬる孕みたがるプリンセス~ → 「ぬるぷり」

“Harapuri – Slimy Pregnant Princess” becomes “Nurupuri”

返済性奴 → 「返済計画」

“Repayment Sex Slave” becomes “Repayment Plan”

凌襲 → 「戦乙女の危機」

“Rape Attack” becomes “Warrior Maiden Crisis”

牝奴の館 → 「貴醜の館」

“House of Slaves” becomes “House of Shame”

鬼父2 ~あんたみたいな鬼畜、お父さんじゃない!~ → 「鬼父2」

“Brutal Father 2 – A Brute Like You is No Father of Mine!” becomes “Brutal Father 2”

精神汚染~白濁の淫夢 → 「精神汚染」

“Soul Pollution – Lascivious Dream” becomes “Soul Pollution”

奴隷将校クラリス ~白濁のグローリエ~ → 「堕落将校クラリス」

“Slave Officer Claris” becomes “Disgraced Officer Claris”

The actual restrictions on content have yet to be made clear, although it seems no entirely new editions are currently being made.

Via New Akiba.

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