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Nana Mizuki’s Number One Album a First for Seiyuu


Storied seiyuu Nana Mizuki recently made history by being the first seiyuu ever to achieve a number one album on Orican’s definitive Japanese charts.

Her album “Ultimate Diamond“, her seventh, made the impressive showing, and she was by all accounts moved by the experience: “It’s like a dream, I have no words to express how I feel.”

The top ranked album marks the first time in Oricon’s 41 year history that a seiyuu has seized the number one spot in their album sales rankings.

The album is on available now.

Live recordings of the songs “Maria & Joker” and “Astrogation”:

Via Sanspo.

Seiyuu appear to making huge inroads in Japan’s music charts of late, although notably their success seems to be being driven by sales on the obsolescent CD format, presumably being bought in large by otaku…

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