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Hollywood Gets Hold of King of Fighters


Classic fighting game series King of Fighters is set to receive a grand Hollywood adaptation in the glorious tradition of Street Fighter and Dragonball.

The movie uses actors nobody has ever heard of, and in the best tradition of Hollywood dispenses with the game’s highly developed setting and atmosphere in favour of some story centring on mysterious multidimensional alien artefacts.

The extremely stylish 2D character designs are perhaps one of the major selling points of the series, so naturally Hollywood has discarded them.  Their loss seems unlikely to be well received by fans, especially considering what they have been replaced with.

The movie is set for a 2010 release.

Via Inside Games.

Having run out of novels and comics to plunder, it seems Hollywood is increasingly turning to anime and games, though considering the scant resemblance their productions bear to the original it is a wonder they bother…

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