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Ten Things Never to Say to a Japanese Girlfriend


Japanese ladies share the ten things they never want to hear from their partner.

The top ten:

1. “Haven’t you put on weight?” or being asked her weight – 17.4%

2. Having unwanted hair she thought would not be noticed pointed out – 13.2%

3. Being compared to a female friend for dating purposes – 12.2%

4. Being told she is “unwomanly” when she has no idea what this is – 12%

5. Being told she is humourless – 11.2%

6. Having her great new haircut be ill-received – 9.2%

7. Being told her painstaking cooking is no good – 8.2%

8. Being told her fashion sense is bad – 7.2%

9. Being compared to female celebrities – 7.2%

10. Being told her favourite perfume is too strong – 2.2%

The methodology and sample size of the survey are not disclosed.

These seem a fairly universal set of objections, though what is left unsaid is just how willing the average Japanese lady is to forgive such grievous faux pas…

Unmanly behaviour” is also much loathed. What women do actually want to hear from a partner seems mainly related to his earning potential.

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