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The Many Faces of Hatsune Miku


The Hatsune Miku Nendoroid, like all Nendoroids, comes with a variety of (often interchangeable) faces and accessories to let you customize her as needed, but this picture takes it to an even higher level, showing us what Miku looks like when face-swapped into what must be most of the Nendoroids to date…

The pictures all contain captions for all the Miku doppelgangers, plus a small descriptor.

Since there are 40 in total, listing them all would be troublesome (and likely spoil some of the fun).

So, here is only the top row of Miku-clones, reading from left to right:

Hachune (YO!)

Yoko (Normal)

Shana, Flame-Hair Blazing Eyes (Normal)

Ren Kagamine (Shy)

Shana, Flame-Hair Blazing Eyes (Buzzing)

Rin Kagamine (Normal)

Kyouka Midarezaki (Wincing)

Hachune (Normal)

Feel free to continue my list via comments if desired.

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