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Pantsu Mugger Tears Off Woman’s Underwear in Street


A man has been indicted for mugging a lady for her underwear in the street, tearing off her pantsu whilst she was still wearing them in a brazen act of pantsu theft.

According to the public prosecutor, the 27-year-old man approached his victim, a 27-year-old lady, on the streets of Sapporo; he then knocked her over and proceeded to tear off items of her clothing, including her underwear, which he ran off with.

The lady was mildly injured in the assault, being scratched by the assailant as he feverishly pulled off her pantsu for reasons we can only guess at.

Making good his escape, he was chased by a male onlooker, who he punched in the face, such was his determination to evade capture.

After his eventual arrest he was charged with indecent assault and robbery.

Via ZakZak.

The case is also notable for being Hokkaido’s first to involve a “lay judge”; recent reforms to Japan’s justice system have added a quasi-jury (randomly selected citizens serve as junior judges alongside professional judges) to render judgement on cases.

Hopefully the legal niceties of pantsu mugging are not lost on them; doubtless plenty of experts on this topic can be found amongst the nation’s teachers and doctors, so the courts are surely in safe hands…

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