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Lucky Star Macross Frontier Cosplay Figure Lottery


Rakuten Online Market has announced that their “Lucky☆Star x Macross F” line of figurines will be released this September. As the name suggests, these consist of the Lucky Star characters cosplaying the cast of Macross Frontier.

Considered to be the most “premium” of the prizes that one can achieve through the “Ichiban-kuji” lottery, it is said that the chance of one actually winning one is just 4%, meaning it could cost ¥15,000 to get one (along with a mountain of other trinkets)…


At a cost of ¥500 per draw, entrants could in theory walk away with:

Figure A: Konata in Alto costume
Figure B: Kagami in Clan costume
Figure C: Tsukasa in Ranka costume
Figure D: Miyuki in Sheryl costume

International participation looks to be extremely difficult. Expect much activity on auction sites in any case…

Via Banpresto.

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