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Strike Witches Nintendo DS Game Detailed


The promotional wheel for the upcoming Strike Witches console games, particularly the Nintendo DS version, has been rolling forward, and these scans from gaming magazine Comptiq provide some of the best glimpses yet available.

The Nintedo DS game, entitled Strike Witches – Blitz in the Blue Skies – New Commander Struggles! will be a “simulation” game (in contrast to the PS2 version being an adventure game), and will star manga-only character 竹井醇子 / Junko Takei as the titular character.

Junko is a 19-year old candidate captain from the Fuso Empire who is just about to meet the Witches for training when a (convenient) mission is given: to attack the Neuroi on the Gallian coastlines in order to create a forward base of operations.

Some screenshots are also available, to give you a better idea of the game:


The top-left quarter deals with the magazine’s  オレの嫁!/ My Bride! wife-selection contest, but the other screens are labeled thusly:

Top-right: Pre-Battle Event Scene

Middle: Battle Scene Dash!

Bottom-left: Music Gallery

Bottom-center: “Best Partner”

Bottom-right: Unit Composition Window (i.e, party selection)

The game has been set for a Summer release and will be sold in both as regular and limited editions, as is the PS2 game A Little Peaceful Days. An August release was originally forecast, although it seems a September release may be more likely.

More information on both games are available at Russel Game’s official website.

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