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“We Need a Total Ban”: Politicians Seek New Loli Ban


Emboldened by their success in turning over the craven eroge industry, Japan’s own spineless politicians are once again obediently heeding international demands for a complete ban on artistic depictions of minors engaged in sexual activity.

The latest assault on the artistic freedoms guaranteed by the Japanese Constitution comes from the Komeito (“Clean Government Party”), which exclusively represents the interests of a Buddhist cult, the Sokka Gakkai, and consequently is a great fan of censorship and attempting to legislate public morality. UNICEF Japan honcho Agnes Chan herself is a member of the cult.

Responding to the usual outrageous international claims that Japan is causing child abuse and encouraging lolicon in other countries with its liberal laws on pornography, the Komeito obediently proclaimed that Japan should obey these demands:

“Being called ‘a child porn power’ is shameful and we must act to rectify this by an immediate revision of the law. The Diet must immediately consider such a revision.”

Domestic politicians often like to claim Japan “is out of step” or “lagging” compared to other countries when they wish to push through a policy, and in this case they have also been claiming it is “a national disgrace” to be defamed by feminists and their ilk.

They go on to make a lengthy screed against the evils of child pornography, as usual failing to register the fact that Japan is vastly more safe for children than any of the nations so concerned with banning the material.

Then they reveal the latest direction in their thought:

“Further, last month we conducted an investigation at Akihabara, looking at those games and similar depicting sexual violence which fall outside the scope of current laws, and how their sale might be restricted. We as a party are absolutely determined to pursue a revised law which lead to a complete elimination of child pornography.”

2ch wryly remarks that it is the Komeito who should be eliminated from Japanese politics.

In 2008, the laws against such pornography were stiffened, but the LDP dodged the messy issue of whether to ban 2D artistic depictions of sex involving minors by deferring judgement to a later date. The Komeito is clearly aiming to obtain immediate additional restrictions.

The Komeito is a minor party, but has long held disproportionate influence due to its willingness to ally with the ruling LDP. It remains to be seen whether the LDP will side with them in making further assaults on freedom of expression.

The recent self imposed ban on “rape” in adult games was imposed by an industry short-sightedly opting to secure the sales of the majority of companies by sacrificing the minority to appease the moralists.

The industry seems set to repeat this dismal calculus with loli and any other politically objectionable genres, and it is possible that manga, anime and who knows what else will fall prey to censors next, especially with politicians encouraged by the postiviely supine response seen so far.

As expected, the lack of any enthusiastic or organised opposition to creeping censorship has only emboldened those who would force their moralistic views onto society. It is a slippery slope and a long way down…

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  • yes! all of these ”goverments”, and little groups with their little reasons in the past years are trying once again to take over everything and put us under their thumb. this ichi the killer- i mean ishitara , is JUST doing this to corner the anime market for his perverted and SICK garbage. if(never!!) and when these shameful politicos take another of our freedoms away, i guarantee you – ishitaras loli pap crap will STAY on the shelves. just.. ”because”/ hes a politnazi/hes a homo basher/ hes clearly mentally disfigured- hey! if he doesnt want anyone to hate on him, then he shoudnt be acting like hes part of the master race, and he should know that the fury of the masses who outweigh his sick little agendas are a trillion times more powerful than any little rape scene he justifies just because its HIS manga. NO ONE else is allowed to sell manga and anime BUT HIM. because hes a douche. and if there was an award for it, i would nominate him for the biggest douche in the universe award.
    all the ppl, otaku and non. we can all agree at least that were sick of these f$cking politicians rummaging around in our constitutions and doing whatever they want to them right? did you know in sanfrancisco their trying to make it illegal to sit down on the street sidewalk?? ON THE STREET SIDEWALK??? even if they take away lolicon, even if they take away this, and that, and anything else they want because somehow were all lower than these incestous ”elitists” then ask your selves – what next are they going to try to take away.
    your future is in your hands people.

  • The ban may only be in japan but it effects us as well as most anime we get here are English adaptions to there Japanese ones not to mention current anime half way through will be cut outright or have a dramatic change that will kill that anime

    i posted above we need to fight im sending a letter and email to DPJ who support the dan as a protest i confirmed that i got 128 to do the same over about 18 websites that show manga, anime and game forms and thats what i confirmed i don’t know many more probably did the same i don’t know but 128 people is surly not enough to stop a ban UN-less people put in death threats or something but thats not recommended id rather stop it now while its easier when if passes it will be much harder i do agree it should be given a mature rating or something similar all the same to me i can still get it either way

  • Echo The Black Mage says:

    Feel Free to Respond to this but do so AFTER HAVE READ IT ALL.

    You All Know, That When We “Lolis” Lose Acsses to Loli Pics and equal, we Will go for the real thing.

    Think A bit People!
    The Crime of Child Rape will Sky Rocket.

    Thogth this is just my own opinion on the subject,
    im sure this will happen.
    and japan will lose a LOT turists, Byers, Shoppers, wievers and most other industries connected to Hentai in general.

    Dating sims will be just dating sims with a boring kiss instad of and sexy kiss scene and maby a build up for the Big thing….

    and as said:
    This is just my own opinion on the subject

  • Loli is just 2D child porn, pedophilia. No kids hurt, but the lecherous pedophiles get their dose of vice. People who fap to pedophile/loli material tend to have lower IQ’s. They seldomly stablish any kind of relationship with a real women their age. They live isolated, collecting figures, mangas, games and DVD’s. Nothing good comes from them. It’s a shame that the ban doesn’t affect the pedophiles themselves, putting them in prison, forced labor for life, so they become useful to society at last.

    “Japan’s politicians succumb to international pressure”… Dudes! It’s about time this disgusting shit gets banned!

    • Anonymous says:

      I will agree with you that people who get off 2D lolicon are probably fucking idiots who contribute little to society.

      But with all due respect, banning “this disgusting shit” will have about the same amount of effectiveness as the war on drugs (hint: none at all).

      The amount of tax payer money spent on enforcing a ban on loli will far, FAR outweigh the value on the effectiveness on the outcome. As stupid as the people who fap to lolicon are, they will find other ways to share and distribute the material in ways that you or I never, never dreamed of. It will be an eternal game of cat and mouse, and perhaps making lolicon illegal will only increase its effective value even more in the underworld.

      And putting these people in forced labor camps just for owning lolicon? Talk about inhumanity.

      If you REALLY want to solve this problem of lolicon, you’re barking up the wrong tree by trying to ban it. The problem is embedded deep in the culture. Yes, there will always be the sick fucks who cause problems for the people who otherwise harm nobody, but damn, just take a look at your own government and watch your local news.

      Most people who look at lolicon just need help in their lives…give them friends, places to belong, take away their social stigma, maybe a chance to be involved with a living, breathing, adult version of the gender of which they admire, and take away their reason to stay isolated look at lolicon in the first place.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I think that in light of the fact that the Japanese population is now declining, the government actually wants to embolden the lives of Japanese men and get more of them to go out and FUCK , instead of shamefully holding their dicks in their hands…

    “Eeeeeevery sperm is Saaaaacred, eeeeeevery sperm is goooood”

  • Anonymous says:

    While the art rape ban and then a loli ban are in theory something that most “normal” people should agree upon…
    The problem is generalization. Yes, I think ‘moralfags’ have the right to speak up against certain titles.
    BUT not all titles are created equal… ! These blind bans, if that’s what it is; are only good at spreading fear and taking away freedom.
    I don’t care for rape or loli in art.. and yet I am DEFINITELY against the idea of a ban.

    Reality check.
    What are we discussing? Art. Some good, some bad… but artistic expression nonetheless.
    Not real people, not real children… The horrible things in life DO exist, and denying that they do and trying to stop them is one thing…
    But, to attempt to generally ban the concept (in this case an artistic depiction) is a step away from the individual and towards controlled society.
    Unless the art in question is causing increased troubles to the REAL situations involving what the art depicts…
    Unless there is evidence of this, this type of ban will only stomp out ALL of the art in question…
    Good and bad. Causing much worse things than simply stopping “some disgusting games”.

    I play visual novels for compelling story and art, and several which contain eroge elements… i’ll be DAMNED if I want someone else telling me what I should think and see.
    Hurting people is wrong… but thought is the only world that is somewhat our own. A generalized ban without evidence as opposed to a specific ban with evidence is a ban to control thought…

    Creativity and the occassional masterpiece will be sacrificed to the misinformed general public…

    • Anonymous says:

      Newsflash: this is already part of the law in the U.S. It’s called the PROTECT Act. Didn’t you read about U.S. v. Handley in this blog a few weeks ago? (Also see U.S. v. Whorley.)

      Relevant section:
      § 1466A. Obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children
      (a) In General.— Any person who, in a circumstance described in subsection (d), knowingly produces, distributes, receives, or possesses with intent to distribute, a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that—
      (A) depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; and
      (B) is obscene; or
      (A) depicts an image that is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in graphic bestiality, sadistic or masochistic abuse, or sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex; and
      (B) lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value;
      or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 2252A (b)(1), including the penalties provided for cases involving a prior conviction.
      (b) Additional Offenses.— Any person who, in a circumstance described in subsection (d), knowingly possesses a visual depiction of any kind, including a drawing, cartoon, sculpture, or painting, that—
      (A) depicts a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; and
      (B) is obscene; or
      (A) depicts an image that is, or appears to be, of a minor engaging in graphic bestiality, sadistic or masochistic abuse, or sexual intercourse, including genital-genital, oral-genital, anal-genital, or oral-anal, whether between persons of the same or opposite sex; and
      (B) lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value;
      or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be subject to the penalties provided in section 2252A (b)(2), including the penalties provided for cases involving a prior conviction.

      Have a nice day.

      • That was ruled unconstitutional. Handley was convicted for obscenity, something that existed for a while. He WASN”T charged with kiddy porn in this case, those charges were thrown out.

        A plea bargain hasn’t changed any laws. Loli is still legal, unless someone calls it obscene.

        The Supreme Court ruled on this issue SEVERAL TIMES, and has always found bans on fictional images unconstitutional.

        • Anonymous says:

          Shade543, what you quoted above doesn’t apply here. U.S. vs. Williams was held to be unconstitutional because it was overly broad. The Protect Act narrowed the prohibition by applying obscene standard (community standard) to depicted images. This part was held to be constitutional. True, Part (2) was thrown out. But for Protect Act to be invalid, Part (1) would have to be thrown out too. It wasn’t, and that was what Handley was convicted under.

          I’m not sure what you mean by lolicon (i’m not part of the culture). If lolicon was what Handley had (graphical depictions of children sexually abused by adults and animals), then it was considered obscene.

        • US VS Williams was related to claiming you have CP, even if you don’t, it has nothng to do with fictional images. In fact, it actually RECONFIRMED that loli is legal:

          “The Court stated that “an offer to provide or request to receive virtual child pornography is not prohibited by the statute. A crime is committed only when the speaker believes or intends the listener to believe that the subject of the proposed transaction depicts real children. It is simply not true that this means ‘a protected category of expression [will] inevitably be suppressed,’ post, at 13. Simulated child pornography will be as available as ever.” Williams at 17.”

          IOW, lolicon is still protected here. It was a DIFFERENT part of the PROTECT act that was maintained. There are different parts.

          It was still not CP, read up on the case,The PROTECT act part was thrown out by the judge early on. So it only became an obscenity case, don’t be confused by the wording.

          Man I hope the outdated obscenity laws get struck down soon…

          The other case had REAL CP involved as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dude, you should do your research before you post. Check out for a good summary. The Child Pornography Prevention Act in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition was ruled unconstitutional because it was overly broad. In response, Congress passed the PROTECT Act. That was upheld as constitutional (United States v. William). Earlier this year, in U.S. v. Whorley “a federal appeals court upheld a 20-year prison term for a man convicted of receiving ‘Japanese anime-style cartoons of children engaged in explicit sexual conduct with adults'” (

          Handley pled guilty to one count of “possessing obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children” (and also one count of mailing obscene material.)

          I’m not sure what you mean by “loli” — if they’re not engaged in sex acts, then it’s probably ok. But if you think a ban on fictional images is always unconstitutional, you’ve just plain misunderstood the law.

  • This site has to be the biggest gathering of (future) child-molesters I’ve ever seen in my life. All those griping about freedom of speech don’t seem to realize how fundamentally wrong it is to get off on children, young girls in this case, in sexual situations. There’s a western term for it – pedophilia.

    • AngryAnonymous says:

      Matt, I understand what you mean, there are quite a few scary people lurking around on this site. However, most of us just have a fetish for cute anime girls, not real children. Even so how is it “fundamentally wrong” to get off to such situations if no-one gets hurt? It is, as I have been saying, a part of an arbitrary set of morals that has been taught to you by society. If studied objectively, it makes no logical sense that it should be wrong.
      Real child porn is definitely evil, but how can something which does not harm anyone – and indeed makes a lot of people happy – be “fundamentally wrong?”

      • Anonymous says:

        AngryAnonymous, cute anime girls by themselves are permitted under the proposed law. The law is against “child pornography,” even in manga/anime form. It would be an extension of existing obscenity laws. There is nothing wrong with obscenity laws! Every society and culture has the right to exert communal values and define what it sees as “unprotected speech.” (That is why Holocaust denial is against the law in much of Europe). You can’t simply look at it from a utilitarian point of view (“who gets harmed?”). Ultimately, this is a matter for the Japanese people to decide themselves. Readers of this site won’t be happy about it, but that’s how it is.

  • Tyranny is the natural result of limiting images and H-manga. Someone, somewhere, will always find something that overactive people would call ‘offensive’ — mimes for example. They scare the hell out of me. But should we ban them? No! We have nothing to fear from free hentai but pop-up advertising!


  • Anonymous says:

    “claiming it is “a national disgrace” to be defamed by feminists”

    Dang…. It is a national disgrace to be defamed by a group that tries to defame everyone? I don’t think there are any nations that the feminists aren’t after.

    Women’s Rights are OK in my book, but feminists are freakin’ psycho.

      • AngryAnonymous says:

        It’s not that they’re minors, it’s that they are SUPER CUTE ANIME GIRLS!!!
        A loli can be 10,00 years old, mature and wise as shit and still be a loli.

        It may not be the end of civilization, but I feel as though the government (not even my own government in this case) views me as human garbage, and that my wishes should not be taken into consideration.

        And what do they gain for turning their backs on us? They get to fellate their own sense of self-righteousness and confirm their illogical, moralistic world view, that’s all. They don’t even care that the sex crime rate will rise now (which it most certainly will if the ban is strict enough, someone will probably even go out and rape women and children as an act of revenge!). It is completely OK to them to make such sacrifices if it means that they get to feel really good about them selves and maybe get a few more votes from the more conservative members of society in the process.

        So I ask you, do you really think it isn’t worth to fight for this?
        It isn’t just pornography either.
        A show like “Married With Children” would probably not be able to be made today, because it would be offensive to women (more specifically, fat women). “A Clockwork Orange” would have to be censored to all hell if it was to be released in this day and age.
        Things are going downhill, and it won’t stop going downhill until the general population gives up on the stupid, arbitrary set of moral values which plagues modern society.

  • Sorry for double post (forgot to add my name XD) I think as someone mentioned above that banning politicians would be a great idea as we people of the internet should run the show as we do not take no for an answer as well as head the warnings of bitching people who whine for glorified censorship, on the other hand it could be a bad idea but then again what good has come of us for thousands of years?.

  • I thank you (thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl) for the mention of my comment before =) and i agree that its high time that the Equality organisation should disband itself less they encur the wrath of worldwide otakus including anon by the looks of the current situation. To me the Major means a perfect symbol of war against the people who try to decide they are in charge of banning material we love and like. It makes me think about the lies that are told on new channels worldwide everyday and yet the majority of people never question their lies let alone suspect them and instead pick on animation.

    As another quote said by the Major:

    “gentlemen lets create hell”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I thank you (thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl) for the mention of my comment before =) and i agree that its high time that the Equality organisation should disband itself less they encur the wrath of worldwide otakus including anon by the looks of the current situation. To me the Major means a perfect symbol of war against the people who try to decide they are in charge of banning material we love and like. It makes me think about the lies that are told on new channels worldwide everyday and yet the majority of people never question their lies let alone suspect them and instead pick on animation.

    As another quote said by the Major:

    “gentlemen lets create hell”.

  • Anonymous says:

    Seriously, there’s no hope anymore?

    Just to mention it; in the 80’s or 90’s, there’s some pornographical comics in Europe(or in France?)which feature underages characters. Now we can’t find it anymore. Maybe it became an historical evidence?

  • Anonymous says:

    In the next few years, yaoi will prevail as the main mode of porn. Female porn will be relegated to relic status, with relentless persecution across the globe. Men will be forced to watch Manservice or lose their manhood. This is the Feminine Conspiracy! Under the banner of Saint Kenji the Nearsighted, I shall rise to oppose it!

    • AngryAnonymous says:

      Near, far, wherever you are
      I believe that the heart does go on
      Once more you open the door
      And you’re here in my heart
      And my heart will go on and on

      Love can touch us one time
      And last for a lifetime
      And never let go till we’re gone

  • I don’t get it why do Americans and everyone else on the morality police wagon trying to do this year after year. It isn’t real it’s fantasy and it’s hot, more moe, if not superior to real lil’ girls. Doesn’t that make them something different like a derivative, although based on the genuine article, they have been distorted and changed into no longer little girls but lolis. This may sound like double think but it isn’t. Lolis shouldn’t be taken seriously enough for a ban again because they are not real!

      • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

        I really shouldn’t do this but this troll is possibly one of the stupidest people in the history of trolls.

        That’s the same as saying your real to other people and that because you are real you cannot exist. I am offended by many religious scholars because they try to force religion down my throat (I already am a christian so it pisses me off a lot, and no it isn’t the type of “religion” some catholic priests try to shove down your throat.). I am offended by some peoples very existence. Should those people (you) not exist either.

        The idea that God hates this is actually your own interpretation. Never once in the bible does it say that it is wrong to lust after women that don’t exist. The whole though who looks at a woman and lusts after her has already committed adultery in their heart…they have to be married for this stupid commandment to work. The bible also never once mentions 2D drawings. So go Fuck yourself without fapping material and without looking or even thinking of a guy or girl.

        Pron and Hentai are not the root of all evil…the real root of evil is the thought that you moralist imbeciles have that makes it evil. Seriously you guys are a lot more immoral than people like us. For one you lie daily and honor thy neighbor one of the commandments you don’t even follow. If you truly honored your neighbor you would stay out of his/her life. Now get lost Anon.

        Also to the Anon that said death penalty to all that like this shit. You simply being on this website would be liable for the death penalty…enjoy your execution.

        As mentioned above (Kanai) if this goes too far it is up to us to fight for our rights (its the rights not the hentai/loli that I’m fighting for). The plump loveable otaku nazi probably said it best:

        “Gentlemen i like war, Gentlemen i love war”
        “Gentlemen do you also want war?” – The Major (Hellsing).

        Hail Hentai!

        • Anonymous says:

          Hey, you religious freaks!
          God allows hentai and lolicon to exist so he seems to like it. Get used to it.
          God also allows a damn pile of shit like war and rape and… to exist, so we should not compare humans with this fucking asshole.

        • Anonymous says:


        • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

          my point exactly. For some reason people take the bible to mean lets interpret it a way that benefits us most. That’s not how the bible was meant to be. Funny you never these moralists ever take God to court he is the one that created everything and he is the one responsible for loli and hentai. I can see that going over well. Moral Christians baffled when God does not appear for his court appearance as the prime witness against lolicon.

          Hail Hentai!

        • SilverTide says:

          Remember fellow Christians, what age did men and women in the bible get married at?
          If god condoned marriage (and baby making) between minors (younger than 18) then, why wouldn’t he now?
          Why would god create women so that they could bear children from the age of 12???

  • Anonymous says:


    Someone get some otakus that actually the balls to kill these fuckers if they ban loli. The fall of loli will be the downfall of almost all anime, manga and eroges. It’s like a fucking domino theory.

    Fucking man up Japan, don’t take shit from these fucking feminazis.

  • Now what really make up the ranks of the moralfags?

    A bunch of conservative ol’ unattractive prunes who felt they need attention? ( Not that what they doing now is helping either )

  • I support the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. This is not far from all forms of media getting banned because a bunch of losers who hate their life want to push others around to feel better.

  • Hmn i find it rather funny how American complaining women think it is in their duristiction to go tell another person from across the globe to stop doing loli things because they simply do not agree and find it such a problem that they wont simply ignore the so called problem and instead turn it into their proclaimed business. I find it rather annoying how controling the USA likes to be even though a lot of people commenting on here are from the USA i mean no disrespect to them but the country has so far liked to be the one in charge of many events in this world, but as for this situation is going as far as to ban a lot of Anime just because a drawing depics a shame full scene when in fact it is simply an animation and is there for not even real so i see that the American women are somehow idiotic as they cannot tell the difference between an animation and real life.

    But all i can say for support against these argueing self proclaimed “normal people” is this quote from an Anime:
    “Gentlemen i like war, Gentlemen i love war”
    “Gentlemen do you also want war?”

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m an American woman who loves Loli. I’m sure that there are far more that like or don’t give a damn either way than those who are like “Equality Now”. The problem is that the most organized opposition to these frivolous bans is message boards like 2Ch. While the powers of 2ch are formidable, there’s no organization, and for those outside of Japan to stand up and say something it could more or less end up in V& in their native countries. Those of us who support lolicon are just not as loud as the big mouthed biddies who can’t keep their noses out of other people’s bussiness.

      • The Smooth Anon says:

        Sad but true 🙁

        Also ,just to think about it… If you say ban lolis, most people will agree because of “generic’ morals. However, if you say ‘don’t’, you will be treatened as a sick fuck. Probably that is why there arent any such organizations.

        • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

          Treatment as a sick fuck is not near enough to stop me from joining said organization. To be honest I’d join most organizations that fight against censorship without question as I believe it is one of the worst possible things to take away the freedoms we each rightly deserve.

          Hail Hentai!

  • Anonymous says:

    If they ban or punish 2D artistic depictions of sex involving minors…

    Then they need to ban violent images which can be “equally” as damaging to society. On the flip side reward people who make depictions of super hero saving people.

    No…that wouldn’t be logically because they are just ARTISTIC DEPICTIONS, not real breathing people placed in those situation or harmed. Fiction.

  • I’m a vegetarian. I find eating meat extremely disgusting, after all it is the dead body of an animal. Come on, only zombies are that low to eat something dead…even a vampire would go for a living person instead…
    So ban meat first, then hmm, how about violent games, then violent movies, then guns, then knives, then anything else that can be used to kill a person (including a glass of water…heck you can poison it, or even worse break the glass and slice up someone… glasses of water are versatile killing tools), and after all that, you can start banning real sex, after that comes 3D porn, and then you can consider 2D when you are done with all of then above…oh wait, you got locked into jail before that because someone thought you are the one who looks suspicious for trying to drink water from a glass…too bad, you can’t ban anything anymore. 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    Moralfags ftl

    Rape games lead to rape IRL!
    Loli leads to child exploitation!
    Rap encourages criminal activity and drug use!
    Sexual material in the media is corrupting our children!
    Violent video games lead to violent behavior!

    • Anonymous says:

      How should i?
      From a small almost unknown country effect japan, america and the world.
      And i clearly call myself hentai god sometimes.

      Don’t ban hentai,fictional loli,fictional rape.

  • Chris is not pleased. Why do they try to take away everything that I love? We westerners have a duty. To unite all of the world’s good loli artists and flood the internet with it in retaliation. I shall not be censored.

  • boozedimpulsegundam says:

    in all honesty i despise the lolicon sub-genre of anime and manga. I do not think we have to worry too much about this ban being the end of anime or manga. I prefer real and adult women. The fact is lolicon sexualizes young girls. I have not seen anything that makes me think different. However people have been abusing kids long before lolicon and rape simulation games. Anybody has the right as a consumer not to buy products that they find morally or personally offensive. Might as well ban the catholic church because of a few pedophile priests, that offends me too.(sorry recovering catholic) My personal opinion is if your so much of a loser you have to get off by playing a game that forces a 2d animated (loli)character to have sex against her will that is an issue that has to be settled between you and a shrink. Leaves more hot, adult, japanese women for me(32 days and counting till my trip to Japan)

    • Everyone to his/her own poison there. No need to step on other people’s toes.

      If you can’t get there on time before moralfags target bushy AV stars, get them banned and leaves you unable to get laid, left alone jacking off on their videos, well GG.


    Don’t worry guys. With Japan, the otakus won’t even vote for any of those moralfags who ban loli and hentai. What those Moralfag politicians are doing is digging their own graves.

  • Nochegame says:

    In the future the anime will be like the catoons of USA:

    -No fanservice
    -No gore
    -No more violence
    -No lolis
    -without psychological depth
    -No more offensive words
    -No more words like death, sex, etc
    -No more Moe

    …and the topics of the mangas will be like Doraemon.

    -without the things that I wrote above
    -kid friendly

    apparently there is nobody in Japan who has the balls to to oppose them.
    well… game over.


    • Anonymous says:

      There are too many mediocre anime shows using loli fanservice as a substitute for good stories and writing. Banning loli and reducing fanservice could be good for anime, if it leads to more shows like GitS SAC and Texhnolyze instead of Strike Witches.

        • Anonymous says:

          There has been a change. Japanese television went through a censorship craze in the second half of the ’90s (even Cowboy Bebop got censored in it’s original airing). They tried to clamp down on what was shown during daytime time-slots, and spawned late-night time-slots for more mature programming. It was a split between mainstream and otaku-centric anime that never really existed before. And the new freedom of late-night time-slots spawned more made-for-fanservice series, starting with Mahoromatic and Hand Maid May, that previously would have only been made into one-episode OAVs.

      • Didn’t you read the entire list or something?

        -No gore
        -No more violence
        -without psychological depth
        -No more offensive words
        -No more words like death, sex, etc

        Now tell me if GitS and Texhnolyze can be successfully done without any of this.

  • If this continues on, then PM Tarou Aso’s claim that “Otaku tourism will save Japan” will not come true. Stuff like these will just turn-off otakus, if not hinder the “awakening” of potential ones.

    If anything should be banned, or should be a social outcast, it’s these CONSERVATIVES. They stick to old, worn-out ideals that are no longer beneficial to the modern society.

  • Anonymous says:

    I guess i should say what makes a large number of european otaku’s the japanophiles they are. Note that a lot of em have a wrong picture about the country, nevertheless, the image of japan that exists here is that
    1. Japan is a country, where freedom of speech is on a level that is unthinkable here, even when it is politically incorrect. (like here you can’t say anything negative about foreigners, because you get called a racist, and risk a lawsuit because racism(against people with darker skintone) is punishable by law here. meanwhile we see the signs of “japanese only” on photo’s the internet).
    2. Second is the content of the anime, we see all the things present in anime that would never make it on tv here, yet make it interesting when you are a bit older. It is a rarity that in the animations on tv here someone dies, or even bleeds. Also, intelligence is severely lacking in these animations.
    3. It is an image that japan conducts its own affairs, and doesn’t let it be pushed around by other countries or foreign pressure groups when it comes to it’s affairs, there is a perception here of a “mind your own business-attitude”, which is admired.

    While i won’t miss loli, its existance is proof an incredible freedom of speech and expression in japan, that is unthinkable in other countries. It would be a shame if that disappeared, and the japanese wake up, one day realizing what they, and with them the rest of the world, have lost.

  • thegirlguywhosaysheisagirl says:

    It is reasons like these that make me vomit. I abhor censorship as it is a direct opposition to freedom. Freedom in the U.S., Japan, Britain, I don’t care where but when someone begins fighting against freedom it’s time we started fighting back. Even if a ban is decided upon I give it 4 months before the ban is lifted. Even then there is no possible way for all of the online documents/pictures etc, to be disposed of there are simply too many. The rape issue was a hit. Yes I grant that and the banning of loli does look bad. The greatest mistake they could make however is attempting to go one step further…which if the moral pigs succeed at they will do. If they attempt to ban hentai altogether then they will no doubt have a war on their hands and if it comes down to it they would probably lose.

    I for one do not like this. I do not like it when things are censored in the news. I do not like it when what people say is censored or cut. I do not like banning of opinions whether good or bad. I do not like the idea of taking away rights that people have. Some moralists say that it is wrong I say that restricting people is wrong. In the end the people decide. Considering the majority of the people in the world are rather stupid and find things offensive, considering lawyers purposely weed out those that could make good statements, that actually have a chance at winning. The whole jury process is by no means fair. In the U.S. this jury is selected from a large group of about a hundred people and the jury’s whittled down to 12-13 often objective jurors rather than picking people at random. The act of censorship is the beginning of a declaration of war. If things go too far I will fight for my rights. Will you?

    Hail Hentai!

  • Anonymous says:

    So seriously, you guys think that a society with U15, U12, U10 erotica is healthy? This isn’t about whether materials like these cause rape, etc., but whether the people living there will stand for it as a reflection of their society. And you know what, if you take a poll of Japanese people, i’m sure most of them will support this ban.

    Btw, i enjoy a nice pictorial as much as the next person, but a society that sexualizes females in every age and position, even elementary schoolkids (and i know, i lived in Japan for close to ten years) just ain’t right.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just because it isn’t right doesn’t mean it should be illegal. If a society wants to maintain even a veneer of democracy, then it is important to ensure that the minority’s rights are protected even if it runs counter to the moral hand wringing of the majority.

      Also, the crusade against pornography and “moral degradation” is often the first step to thought control and a totalitarianism. Just read the news about China’s new law to “protect its children from pornography and unhealthy internet websites.” 4 days after the anniversary of Tiananmen Square.

      I mean, there’s an even better way to clear up the reflection that Japan is the capital of fictional underage erotica (unproven claim): lets ban all speech claiming that Japan is the capital of fictional underage erotica. But, just like you have the rights to say what you want, I too have the rights to draw what I want.

  • Anonymous says:

    The best defense is a good offense. So I suggest we all immediately begin a world-wide campaign to remove all recognition of human rights from females, of all ages, and to put them into a state of chattel slavery.

    Do I really want all women and girls to be slaves? No. But since these bitches seem to need to have something to worry and whine about, let’s GIVE them something to worry about.

    Besides, if they really think that those who like loli anime are really just perverts lusting after real children, then once we all actually do have child slaves we won’t have to have any loli anime, will we? So, ladies, just give up YOUR freedom, and we’ll give in on the loli stuff. Deal?

  • I thought this thread was some Really Really bad joke……
    Yuuki from Saki need takos to live in my case I need LOLIS to live ….

  • This is kinda pathetic 🙁

    I’d like SOME Japanese politician to at least have some balls and oppose stupid censorship stints like this outright. Like have him draw a loli, hell even stick figure and write (9 years old) above the head and then a dick ramming the stick figure up the ass. If just to see how the stupid moralistic bitches react to it.

  • Anonymous says:

    Time to go on the chan and save every image of loli before this ban goes through…

    ‘Cause it probably will, considering I dun think anyone is really gonna make themselves get labelled as pedos in the media.

  • Chris Crocker says:

    Leave the flat chests alone!!!! JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

    And how fucking dare ANYONE out there make fun of flat chested women. After all they’ve been through. They’re HUMAN!!

    Leave flat chests and lolicons alone RIGHT NOW.

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh dear, I love it when someone ells tries to push there values on me. Especially the really “deep” moral once.
    We shod really just start of some sort a group against these kind of people. Just openly ask them “did you not get some cock last week perhaps?”

  • rape play was.. what.. a small percentage of a small field of games and manga… so no loss there to the companies, but when there bottom line is threatened by these hacks…… now loli… they wouldn’t dare since it’s a BIG chunk so they probably hava battle from the companies on that… shouldn’t have gave up on the rape play, or made it more difficult to ban it.. show weakness and the sharks will swarm…. something i wish obama-rama would learn…>_<

  • asianprostitute1500 says:

    “Being called ‘a child porn power’ is shameful and we must act to rectify this by an immediate revision of the law. The Diet must immediately consider such a revision.”
    If my country was ever called ‘a child porn power’ I would be proud.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well then. Let’s see if this new law will “improve” in the next 10 years or so compare to now. I bet some extremists and religious believers will be so happy about this while hiding under the shadows.

  • We need some means to contact the japanese voters and lend our support to them in writing the politicians about how they feel. Petitions go along way but when voters say they’ll look for another candidate that wont cave to international pressure and support the removal of freedom of expression, these career politicians will have no choice but to consider otherwise very seriously.

    This is like if Jack Thompson was to get his way and Rockstar, EA and the such had to remove and stop making violent games. Luckily Americans haven’t let go of the pursuit of freedom of expression.

    To our Japanese compatriots, do not let others tell you what is acceptable and not acceptable artistic expression in your society. You decide that as a society.

  • seeing idiot Aso’s horrendus popularity poll results we can assume that the DPJ will win this years election. And since they will go into a coalition with the social democrats the Komeito won’t stay in power. They could try to force it through before this term ends though.

  • Anonymous says:


  • Why don’t the otaku form a political party? I mean, yes, they are otaku but if they want their loli, they need to act. I would but I don’t live there. Japan needs a revolution with free speech as europe is currently having with copyright.

  • cloner4000 says:

    to all Parent who think your child is cute enough to be stalk by said “Pedophiles” who watch 2D loli..

    Really ..your kid is NOT THAT CUTE at all…. I know he/she is your pride and soul..but to’s just another faceless passerby.

    • Anonymous says:

      Or better yet, spend more attention to your kid rather than leave them alone for the molesters to get to them. Take care of them yourselves instead of letting other people do it for you.

        • Also, a lot of times is the parent the one doing the molesting. People cannot even begin to imagine that a parent would do something like raping to their own child, so most of the time they’re more scared of strangers when danger could be right in front of them.

    • AngryAnonymous says:

      I get off to cute manga girls, hence I am a loli fan.
      This does not translate into me being a pedo, and the belief that the two HAVE to be connected is very dangerous.
      I thought I was a pedo for liking lolicon (because of stupid ideas being implanted into me by loli-opponents), but then I saw a page from one of those japanese junior idol magaziness featuring prepubescent girls. I was revolted but what I saw. There was no arousal, no “ideas” got into my head, there was just pure disgust. Branding me as someone who is turned on by that fills me with rage and contempt.

      I like cute little manga girls, the key world here being “manga”. Removing that key word is something many people who are anti lolicon like to do.
      “Dude, you are turned on by the idea of children in sexual situations, you are a sick pedo.”
      FYI, no, I am not, do not group me with the people who consume that disgusting junior idol shit, or even worse, brand me as a fucking danger to society.

      I am turned on by cute manga girls in sexual situations. MANGA girls. That is as deep as the rabbit hole goes.

      There is a lot of difference between the way they look and act to the way real children look and act. Not to mention that no-one is being hurt in the process of creating lolicon.
      It takes a whole different animal to get off to crimes comitted against fictional characters (who, in the case of lolicon, don’t even fucking look like their real-world counterparts), than to get off to heinous crimes comitted against real people.

      If anyone dares to come up to me and say I am in the latter category for enjoying lolicon, I’ll punch that fuckers lights out three times before he hits the floor.

  • Moralism is known to be an effective way to divert people’s attention from more pressing matters, like the economic crisis.

    It was largely used during the middle ages, and it seems they will resort to it once again.

    Some decades or centuries from now, provided humans are still around, people will laugh on how stupid we were for accepting such political decisions, historians telling how the “second dark ages” began in early 21st century.

    As for their arguments, they are only repeating what was said before which is still completely wrong and far from reality.

    Japan is among the countries with least child abuse cases and thus child porn, since drawings CANNOT be considered “children”.

    A depiction of something is that and only that. A DEPICTION.
    And for that matter, a depiction of murder can’t be considered a crime, a depiction of rape can’t lead the artist to jail, a depiction of a bacon is tasteless and will never clog one’s artery.

    As for the “loli hentai will make you a pedo” idiocy, here’s something Penn from Penn & Teller has to say:

    The same way a game developer won’t be arrested because he made a game in which you can kill a man, and the game itself won’t be banned because it allows a player to kill a virtual enemy, hentai manga, be it loli, furries or tentacles, CANNOT EVER BE TREATED AS SOMETHING REAL.

    If a man abuses a child, I’m all for getting him arrested, and I really hope he gets assraped in jail.
    But you can’t make people pay for crimes they didn’t do, as it’s not justice, but prejudice.

    The people around the world being arrested for possession of Hentai are victims of a moralistic dictatorship enforced by religious people that uses their power and influence to tread on minorities.

    Lolicons are not allowed to like 2D lolis NOT because this is harming someone, breaking a law, or causing danger to society… the real reason behind that is because some moralists feel disgusted by this or that type of pornography, so they enforce their own likes and dislikes on others by force.
    “If you like what I don’t like, I’ll put you to jail and hunt everyone who doesn’t think like me”. Kinda like Hitler.

    And the fact that things like that need to be explained over and over again, is proof that some people never learn, keeps ignoring a history of censorship and dictatorships, completely ignoring freedom of choice and freedom of speech, making true what one wise man once said: “Only human stupidity is infinite”.

  • AngryAnonymous says:

    This seriously ruined my day. Censorship is more disgusting than even the most vile furry-guro-loli rape porn.
    I’ll go to jail for what I believe if I have to. I have the right to express myself in whatever way I choose provided that no-one is being hurt by it (and no, anti-loli brigade, your arbitrary values and sense of self-righteousness don’t count).
    I’d rather be dead than another faceless, spineless sheep. I swear, I’ve had enough of this world and it’s boring, inane and fucking clueless inhabitants!
    We need a fucking revolution soon, or I’m going to snap.

  • What is wrong with loli?

    Based on the opinions of many, a loli is defined as someone (mostly girls) who looks like a child / preteen or simply below legal age.

    The Age Factor

    Loli Anime or Manga (with sexual content) may disgust some and even when the age of the character is stated as 18, people still scoff. But wait! Why can’t an 18 year old look like a child? I am sure that there are many cases of people who look far too young for their age in the real world as well.

    Take Konata’s argument for example. She stated in episode 22 of Lucky Star (12 minutes in) that if she was of legal age, but looked short. If a guy her age loved/liked her, would he be considered a lolicon? Therefore, we cannot really judge a loli by appearances. I am sure that in certain cases, this can be considered as discrimination.

    On average, 18 year old Asians look like 12 – 13 year old Americans. Many American teens could in turn pass off as an adult in Singapore,Japan, etc… It is really sad that some people do not know the difference.

    Some other factors to consider when judging loli:

    – actual age
    – maturity
    – appearance
    – sexual knowledge

    What about those loli that are stated/depicted to be actual children. Well, read on.

    2D vs. 3D

    Some protest that such material will influence adults to become real-world pedophiles. Where is the proof? There has been an article (which I lost the link to) that says that Japanese sexual culture is much better than Western sexual culture as 2D is popular in Japan. It is highly unlikely that a fan of 2D lolicon would be converted into a 3D pedophile. There is a a huge difference between the two as many Anime/loli fans would point out.

    Even if loli Manga and Anime does indeed depict actual children. They are just drawings. These drawings are harmless. Arresting someone for possessing loli manga without them doing or committing any wrong is just, well, unjustified.

    You might as well arrest someone who looks suspicious just because he MIGHT commit a crime.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But if something offends or disgusts you due to your religion or beliefs, just avoid it! You don’t have to rob others of their freedom, nor do you have to spread or convince others of your ideals. Each individual has their own unique fetish.

    (Of course, real world CP is just plain wrong, sick and twisted.)

  • What I don’t really get it is how they (Japan’s politicians) have to bow down to feminists and other foreign laws just because they think that they’re loosing their pride as one of the most well known and advanced country in the whole world. Seriously, Japan, those type of pride belongs to those high crime rated, self-proclaimed moralist country, there’s exactly no damn reason for you guys to kiss their arses and follow their steps.

    Wide Hentai and Loli marketings with a safer RL environment are what Japan’s actual pride supposed to be~

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s DRAWING for god’s sake.. Saying that loli arts encourage to rape real kids is the same to say that Rambo encourage people to kills. Get a life you politicians pricks stop thinking all the planet are so easily influenced by fiction.

  • Sorry if someone has already suggested but, some sort of hard unbiased proof really needs to put this whole Loli=IRL paedophile too rest.

    Last time I heard, paedophiles like REAL children not imaginary ones, not once have I ever heard of Lolicon being found at some paedophiles house, of course the number of paedophiles that are actually caught is probably very small.

    I can obviously understand why a lot of people wouldn’t want to stand up for Lolicon and be accused of being a paedophile. I would be extremely insulted, and could only think why on earth would I want to do or for this to happen to real children? Stephen Conroy enjoys accusing people of being pro-child porn.

    And correct me if I’m wrong but people who need “help” are messed up to begin with, that’s like saying, seeing someone get raped IRL/Video makes or convinces you to rape others, obviously this is complete crap.

    Real CP is there because paedophiles make it and share it with one another, but the materials alone don’t create a paedophile, the “problem” is there to begin with. So going on a CP Ban really wont solve anything, as much as I wish they weren’t there, they will just create new ways to get them.

    Maybe they should be encouraged to seek help instead of being treated like animals, if you did something wrong would years in jail encourage you to come out? I’m not defending paedophiles, because it sickens me with what they do, but they are still people, people who need help, but people none the less.

    I guess I wont really be effected by a Loli ban as I prefer Yuri, but it would be sad to see the Loli-Yuri disappear for me. Again I like Yuri so it wont bother me that much. But people should still be able to create whatever they want providing real criminal acts. I don’t consider a game about raping 3 girls too be encouraging real rape either.

    I guess I just wanted to share my opinion. ^_^

    • Anonymous says:

      Like Equality Now’s call to action, the Koumeitou’s press release reads like it’s written by someone who’s failed out of high school. First it talks about Japan’s current rule on Real CP, where possession is not automatically a felony (which to me is more reasonable than sending people to prison for 1 file they stumbled upon on the internets). But at the end it tacks on the crap about their recent “inspection” (read: witch hunt) through Akiba as if fictional lolicon stuff is the same as real CP.

      This **** has got to stop. China has just revealed their plan to “stop the spread of pornography” by mandating the install of malware on every computer, and everyone’s acting like they’re offended. Some jackass want to ban fictional porn and lolicon and everybody rolls over. I feel like everybody’s gone to the Matrix or something. Maybe these guys should go live in China and experience their moral paradise.

        • statistics on sex crimes are never accurate…….most will go unreported due to embarrassment and shame………now i have no proof for my next claim, but knowing Japanese society…….i would say there is a much larger amount of unreported sex crimes than most countries.

          other than that i agree with what you guys say

        • Anonymous says:

          I like some loli, 2D only, and hate the real thing. Even though I hate kids I would never want to see one hurt by some molester.

          As for Hayami’s comment, assumptions are how things like this get started so i agree 100%

        • “Studies of personality characteristics on average find low levels of aggression among pedophiles. Other than the attraction to minors itself, studies fail to find any abnormal or pathological characteristics. In particular, people attracted to minors have not been found to exhibit narcissism, psychosexual immaturity, low intelligence, aversion to adults, psychopathology, neurosis, or any personality disorder any more than people attracted to adults. The presence of these characteristics have been assumed, rather than being tested scientifically (Bradford et al., 1988; Langevin, 1983; Okami & Goldberg, 1992; Wilson & Cox, 1983).”

        • Yes i’ve constantly seen people refer to this, and i’ve seen it myself, I’m surprisingly not shocked for some reason.

          Rape however I wonder how much of it goes unreported? I could understand, I wouldn’t want people to know I was raped. But I haven’t had it happen to me personally so I can only imagine the pain the victim goes through.

          But yes, things in japan were working fine before other people started sticking there nose in where it’s not wanted.

          @Michio That’s true, but with being mentally unbalanced usually(not always) gets worse and there really isn’t much in between pedophile and child molester. You’re either one or the other, but Child Molester is definately worse.

  • Anonymous says:

    They are fucking stupid if they ban it. They were fucking stupid to ban the rape games in the first place. Nobody gets hurt by drawings. Jesus Christ. Somebody needs to smack some sense into them.

  • Anonymous says:

    God what am I going to do without loli…seriously, that’s pretty much all I fap to. Well I have a large collection built up at least. I hope some brave souls in Japan go out and RAPE CHILDREN when loli is banned and give their reason that they couldn’t view 2d loli anymore so they just couldn’t take it anymore and had to go rape a 3d loli.

    No, sorry, I never wish that upon a child, but I hope they can do something. Maybe just threaten to go out and rape children. I love 2d loli but I also love children and I would never want something like that to happen to a child.

    Who knows what might have happened to me if I hadn’t found loli. I might have become a child molester myself!!

    • Azure Xuchilbara says:

      Amen to that brother…

      There will be much blood shed for this unforgivable

      blow to the anime/hentai community…

      The hammer of death will fall upon those who take

      away what is right to us, but wrong to them…

      Politicians, UNICEF, feminist pigs…Bunch of

      jealous fat, moral-fags fucks…

      To everyone reading…You better stock up on every

      loli anime/hentai/game you can find…

      Who knows when they pull the plug…*sighs*

      I f*cking hate this as much as you…

  • survivor_evil says:

    they really like to waste their fucking time, those are only draws, damn it fucking assholes, they could be combating the real child pornography and helping the kids that really need to be helped instead

    • vesper_nova says:

      because their in capable of doing so. this is also why they try to ban voilent games like Mortal combat, Resident Evil, or Grand theaft Auto, saying that such games lead to voilent behavor. in a way their trying to make themselve look good to their suporters, more who never been in a abusive home. Haman behavor is a compalcted thing. One fact doesn’t inffuance the way people act, this is also true with sex and sexuality. Ban loli is not going to stop pedos, in fact I wouldn’t be surprise if more appears because they have nothing to distrace them from the real thing.

      • Anonymous says:

        Exactly right. Personally, I am a pedosexual and I was BORN THAT WAY! I always found little girls and teenage girls (13-16) a HELL of a lot more attractive than adult women!

        It’s time to stop saying that something is ‘wrong’ that is an inborn sexuality just like heterosexuality or homosexuality, and start realizing that the bastards/feminists are not about ‘protecting children’…. they are about forcing everyone else to adhere to their sexual morality and taking children’s right to sexual expression away from them.

        • boozedimpulsegundam says:

          Children don’t have a sexual expression, from the age of 12 was when i became interested in girls and my tastes matured as i got older. I even bagged ny share of cougars, including a hot, petite, vietnamese one. but before that age, my interests, Star Wars, G.I Joe and Transformers. My First encounter with anime was Robotech(Macross) loved the Mecha couldn’t stand Lynn Minmay(annoying twit).

          Never had any interest in sexual expression, all my friends discussions, were why transformers were way cooler then gobots and why superman could beat the hulk. That was the extent of our expression. Let me guess when your watching kids, you think they are “flirting with you”? That is not a kid expressing their sexulaity that is you experiencing a delusion

  • chogiebear says:

    If this happens, Anime will be doomed. 99.99% of anime contains loli characters. Also, 99.99% eroges contains loli characters as well (Schoolgirls under 18 ARE LOLIS). Well, good luck Japan in promoting anime as a source of economic recovery.

  • I don’t think Japan should listen to anyone
    who demands a ban from international countries.

    What the fuck are they gonna do? Start a war
    with Japan because of fictional characters?

    I can already picture the countries flags in
    my mind of those who want loli banned for good.

    Fucking fags.

    • This.

      Fakken, “dont’t like it – don’t watch/whatever it.”

      “Japan is causing child abuse and encouraging lolicon in -other countries-” – I’m sowwy, but ain’t it -their own- problem? After all, “Japan is vastly more safe for children than any of the nations so concerned with banning the material.”
      Their way of thinking is egoistic. Do whatever you want in -your- country to prevent it, but demanding something only for your own good from other parties? I’d say “fuck ’em.”

      • vesper_nova says:

        I don’t get it. how is it that Japan is souly responcable for the rise of Child abuse cases. back when I was a kid 20 some years ago I knew of Chald abuse (not a vic) but I knew nothing of ergo or Lolis, I’m also sure that a good majority of abusers didn’t know or had accuess to that kind of stuff and I am sure that child abuse have been arround decades before the first loli hentai came out. So how does banning some that for the most part only a specailized group of poeple know about that even fewwer of the intended target of the ban (pedo)actully buy or own do to pretect kids, who would still be abuse with or without this ban. Please explain that!

        • The need for a scapegoat? It doesn’t matter if it’s the real cause or not, they just want to blame someone (the easiest way) to show that “they are taking action.”

          And yes, the majority of rapists, probably, have never heard of loli h mangas/eroges/whatnot. Great stuff, huh?

    • “..and in this case they have also been claiming it is “a national disgrace” to be defamed by feminists and their ilk”

      It seems that the Japanese politicians’ main problem isn’t because of some offensive threats from foreign forces, but more to pride as a moralistic country..

      • Anonymous says:

        The fact is that there is no such thing as morality outside of 4 things: do not kill unless someone is trying to kill you or someone else AT THAT VERY MOMENT; do not steal unless it is your last choice between you and death, and only steal stuff that is important to your current need (i.e. food, clothing, etc.); do not force someone to not to anything that they wish to do or do something that they do not wish to do, unless they are causing physical injury to someone else without their permission or causing property damage with the permission of the person who owns the property; and do not force people into sexual situations with threats of force or actual physical force (guess what? Most pedosexuals don’t do that, so they don’t fall into this rule’s prohibition).

        Outside of those 4 things, it’s all you doing or not doing something that you personally do not like, and you should just BUTT OUT of other people’s businesses.

  • Anonymous says:

    Russy spineless jellyfish. The problem partly is – who’s going to stand up and defend the side of freedom, and take a lot of crap while doing it?

    “So you’re a harcore believer in this kind of stuff are you? How dispicable”

    • I’d be willing to, honestly. It’s just highly unrealistic that we could band together and march on over and such due to things like money and travel and some people may try to kill us, though I’m still willing to try those odds.

      • What we need now is nuclear war to distract them politicians. That’s how I became North Korean supporter over night. Go Kim Yang-sun (or whatever your name was) bomb some shit you crazy nutcase pedophile.

        The 2D rests in your hands !

        Sounds like a punchline for shounen anime. *shrugs*

        • CanadaMann says:

          Not enough is better than nothing.

          And I believe otaku WILL FAIL THIS FIGHT, because otaku will never really perform any action.
          They will use the excuses like “I dont live in japan so i cannot get enough support”, “I’m ashamed to publicly support lolita eromanga”, “feminists will stop somehow”, “we ‘can use’ a nuke to destroy Equality Now” or other stuff.
          Otakus dont’ even know it’s BAD to use the “unhappy incidents happened in other countries” to make jokes.

          Please continue your paper works, I shall see the true doom of otakus.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually that statement is not completely correct Michio. The reason the thing us up foe debate is from outside not inside influences. It is a global group not local so protest wherever the hell you feel like against them (UNICEF and anyone baking them) not for Japan. When they stop trying to save drawings from being molested…

        • CanadaMann says:

          I saw some protests OUTSIDE Canada, for the Canadians killing seals.

          So, why do you have to be IN JAPAN to protest for Loli and Eroge bans?
          Isn’t this just an excuse for you not acting anything, because you dont live in Japan?

        • If you guys want to do something…

          (1) Live in Japan
          (2) Walk around the next Comiket or just around Akiba
          (3) Collect signatures for a petition
          (4) Ask people to help you

          Get like 100,000 names (you’re going to need like 20 people doing this). If someone decides to help you, instruct them to ask others if they want to help collect signatures.

          Once you have around perhaps 20k signatures, you could try contacting the media. They might be interested in covering this.

          You have to word the petition in such a way so that you don’t end up being labeled a pedophile, or a child molestor. In other words, don’t use the world child or lolicon anywhere. You have to frame it in a way such as “freedom of artistic expression”. And if you can, you need to imply that lolicon (i.e. lines on a piece of paper) does not fall under the definition of CP no matter what.

          You have to be in Japan for this. Trying to garner support for this matter in another country isn’t going to work.

          There. Now stfu and quite acting so arrogant about this whole thing.

        • I’m actually being honest with how I feel about stuff like this. It does bother me to a point of willing to martyr myself for such things. I don’t see myself as superior or part of some grand scheme or lucky one, I just am more of a very hands-on, let’s do this person.

        • Anonymous says:

          Do you both really have to dramatize and make all your comments sound heroic? That’s a pretty arrogant thing to do, like you all were somehow among the “selected few” who are “right”.

          It’s nothing like that in real politics (unless you’re a neo-nazi and finds Antifa in the way). Anyone not willing to die for the cause — but who is already protesting out there — is already superior to both of you.

  • CanadaMann says:

    Those who have kept an eye on my comments should now see what I mean.
    Nevertheless, I feel there is no meaning for me to continue my support on these OTAKU STUFF.
    Because people are just “ashamed to support their hobbies publicly”, like cowards, and always so optimistic.
    When there are some fake news, people say they will not ban indeed.
    When the fake news came true, people say they will be satisfied and stop.
    Now you get more bans and this will never stop, and you people will just blame feminists and insult those politicians, BUT DO NOTHING BY YOURSELVES.

    I’m tired and I am not going to argue anymore, for the sake that I have spent many words supporting Eroge and Loli stuff, but there were still many morons disagree with me, even facing the truth that everything is going to be banned.

    • Anonymous says:

      @CanadaMann, Instead of convincing people with your words, why not convince them with your actions? Or are you only willing to move forward if someone else takes the first step? I’m sure people would feel the sting of your complaints a lot more if you weren’t just as cowardly as you purport everyone else to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      You were the first to give up. Do you see anyone here saying “I gave up”? You just made the excuse (randomly out of your head) that no one is willing to fight and then gave up.

      If you’re devoted to the cause, create a political party in Canada, and try to convince otaku and normal people to join. Win political representation.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn They should have stayed as an isolated country. Who the fucking else care of what other countries think to your own country. Think of this, if lolis are to be banned which make up a majority in anime, then the bloodline of anime will surely die. Well I’m not pretty sure on how they define the term loli as the word itself is vague(there are some people who considers under 18 a loli, while some those of age 12 or 10 and below).

    Perhaps the rise of more GAR themed anime?

    • Random Latin American says:

      You’re retarded if you think this has to do only with other countries’ views. Obviously, there are cultural differences. But the main factor is economic.

      It’s always about money. That’s why they’ve (the visual industry) remained unchalleged for some time (thanks to its customers).

      After the the economic side, it comes the political side. If we prove that kind of politics to be unpopular, they will step back (just like in Sweden). They’re politicians.

      See this

      Less than a week before the 2006 elections, the Green Party shifted their stance on copyright reform.[13] Additionally, both the Moderate Party and the Left Party changed their stances on internet downloads,[14][15] and both prime minister candidates stated publicly that it shouldn’t be illegal for young people to share files.[16] Several influential analysts have credited the Pirate Party and its rising popularity for this shift in the political climate; these include a panel of senior editors at International Data Group[17] and political analysts at the largest morning newspaper, Dagens Nyheter.[18] Additionally, the Swedish Minister of Justice, Thomas Bodström, announced on June 9 that he was willing to negotiate a possible revision of the law introduced in 2005 that made unauthorized downloading of copyrighted material illegal, introducing a new tax on broadband Internet access, but he later denied having changed his stance on the issue.[19]

      After the 2006 elections, the issue has faded away from the public debate somewhat.[16] In January 2008 seven Swedish members of parliament from the Moderate Party, member of the governing coalition, authored a piece in a Swedish tabloid calling for the complete decriminalization of filesharing. The Swedish members of parliament wrote that “Decriminalizing all non-commercial file sharing and forcing the market to adapt is not just the best solution. It’s the only solution, unless we want an ever more extensive control of what citizens do on the Internet.”[20]”

    • the other anon says:

      Oh fuck, no. More GAR would lead to greater aggression among inspired male viewers. The increased testosterone levels would automatically lead to greater violence, a higher crime rate, and more rapes in Japan.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder what happened, they were one of the countries that went to war in WW2 and now they’re spineless so much so that they’re bowing to every little push made on them.

  • SquishyJohnny says:

    From what I can see if these bans do pass they’ll be losing a lot of money since these products generate significant amounts of revenue. But hey that wouldn’t make sense since politicians are money hungry so either they have underlying gains/benefits from this otherwise I don’t see what they’re trying to do. Unless, of course they actually believe this will help Japan in the long run which is retarded.

        • Suggesting ‘neutral or positive language’? o_0

          I don’t agree with being politically correct. That just takes the life out of words which have no context except for what the person saying them uses them for. Nothing more and nothing less.

          In hindsight, I’d have to say I’ve agreed with much of what Atma’s been saying nonstop since she came aboard bringing her female perspective to this place, along with her other anonymous members of the same gender. It’s ever person’s right to be as depraved as they like…. provided as long as no one LIVING (or deceased, as the case may be…) is harmed in the process.

          Banning any of this stuff is patently ridiculous…. it’s gonna encourage underground black markets for this stuff as well as the already rampant 3D Child Pornography makers out there. I don’t like CP… I think it’s detestable to abuse someone who is pretty much powerless to resist being used in such fashion. But lumping eroge and anime/manga depicting loli/shota/yuri/yoai/BDSM/rape with CP is like comparing Grand Theft Auto with actual crimes of similar nature isn’t helping matters.

          /broken record

        • Don’t most people who really deprive themselves of what they want (some people don’t have sex. At all) end up as nutjobs?

          Anyway, having no shame about what you like is ok especially in the case of 2D loli because then no child got abused in the process.

        • “Having no shame or qualms about what you enjoy is healthier to me than someone who denies it all, especially when it comes to fiction….”

          Indeed, those type of people should be thrown into the TV World, killed by their “Shadows” and have their corpses hung on electric poles or TV aerials..

        • CanadaMann says:

          I see GURO stuff much more disgusting than loli rapes.(both 2D)
          And you are now supporting this ban in this case?

          I saw you saying something logical in the case of Eroge banning.
          What have you done actually?
          And what’s wrong with fictional lolita content?

    • Or we shalt organize, create a mob and kill those who look down on our loli! Let’s see how they ban loli if they are dead. It’s really been a long time since a angry mob disposed of his politicians. Hopefully all those hikikomori won’t ruin our precious mob by not attending at all…

      • Anonymous says:

        No, because that would make us just as bad as these idiot anti-pedosexuals who are NOT about trying to protect children from forced sexual encounters but about forcing their sexual morality on everyone else.

        I once believed that they were truly trying to protect children from forced sexual encounters with these laws… but as I saw what they were doing, I had to realize “They aren’t trying to protect children…. they are trying to force their sexual morality on everyone else, and threatening to imprison them if they don’t adhere to it like they once did to the homosexuals!”

        • boozedimpulsegundam says:

          Don’t compare yourselfs to homosexuals and lesbians. When they have sex it is between to consenting adults. I have a few gay friends and they don’t support pedophiles.

  • Anonymous says:

    they have also been claiming it is “a national disgrace” to be defamed by feminists and their ilk.

    Do we really must turn obnoxious politics into a holy war against a noble cause?

    There is no room for generalizations. We should fight the thought we disagree with, not whole movements.

    • Anonymous says:

      Feminism is not a noble cause anymore. In 80% of the world, they have gotten their ‘equal rights’…. now, they are pushing for having MORE rights than boys and men do…. which I am damn well not going to allow them to get!

      Fact is that women are JUST AS STRONG AS MEN, and can just as well protect themselves from a man the same weight/height as they are.

      Sure, if a man is MUCH BIGGER, they are going to be beat down if the man wants to rape them… but that’s usually the case if the woman is bigger than the man and wants to rape the man!

        • Anonymous says:

          Nope, not an ‘ignorant dumbfuck’…. just someone who has seen how strong some women are compared to a man the same size as them, which is about the same strength when it comes down to it.

          Now, there is a difference if the man or woman is a bodybuilder….. but not when they are normally thin and not muclebound hulks.

  • Anonymous says:

    The next thing you know they will push for the ban of eroge altogether and I will have be to become Simon Cowell of something else. That’s just f**king great. If anyone wants to call a Jihad on this count me in.

    – Simon Cowell of Eroge

  • Ahh fuck.

    Can’t somebody stand up to them and tell that there’s no proof that any kind of loli would encourage child abuse?

    Somebody NEEDS to stand up or everything good will be gone before we know it.

  • “Being called ‘a child porn power’ is shameful and we must act to rectify this by an immediate revision of the law. The Diet must immediately consider such a revision.”

    Just because the big fat bully in the playground calls me a scumbag, it doesn’t mean I am. Same principle applies here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, start applying that principle to child ‘molesters’ and pedosexuals in general and we might have something going here!

      It’s about time to realize that VERY few pedosexuals and even child ‘molesters’ are the scumbags that society makes them out to be.
      Once the people around me got to know me and knew that I was a pedosexual….. their attitudes on pedosexuals started SEVERELY changing.
      That is what has to keep on happening: people need to start getting to know pedosexuals, realize that most of them are NOT forcing children into sexual situations, that they are actually asking them if they can touch them and the children are giving their permission in almost ALL cases.

      Sure, there are some exceptions to the rule like that bastard grandfather and his friends in the article on Sankaku recently…… but the fact is those things are mainly happening because pedosexuality has been driven underground, where the pedosexuals can go absolutely BAT-SHIT insane from lack of sexual gratification!

      Same thing happened with homosexuals back in the day, that’s how we got people like Ted Bundy!

      • boozedimpulsegundam says:

        nono it is not. Pedosexual equals pedophile. Also when you are asking these kids if you can touch them you sickfuck, are you offering them candy at the same time?. How about puppies? Or do you tell them your parents say it is ok? Me and my girlfriend are talking about having kids. Some asshole asks my kid at a young age if they can touch them and I hear about it, and I will make sure my kids know enough to tell me. I would find them and well, let’s just say, what would happen to that person will be enough to give me nightmares.

        • what the fuck anon? did you seriously just say that? the kid gives you permission? well fuck me if that doesn’t make everything right. they have no idea what’s going on! You’re an adult, you (should) know what’s right and what’s wrong and be able to draw the line, a child is a child for a reason. don’t try to make yourself out as some innocent who deserves every right given.

      • Anonymous says:

        They will never do that until people realize that pedosexuality is a normal sexuality that is being bashed on unfairly because of some feminist WHINERS not wanting to take responsibility for having sexual relationships willingly with adults when they were children and not reporting adults for forcing them into sexual encounters IMMEDIATELY AFTER THEY HAPPEN if they were truly forced!

        Frankly, I have NO sympathy for ‘child sexual abuse’ victims who are whining about that 20-40 years later.
        The fact is that those things have NO effect on their lives that long after the fact, even if they were forcibly raped, unless society has brainwashed them into thinking that they were ‘damaged’ by those sexual encounters with adults and others.

        • That is the biggest load of shit I’ve ever read. You are either seriously devoid of a human conscience or just a sick, sick fucker. I know people who were molested/raped as children and it follows you your entire life because it’s traumatic, not because some outside force told them it was wrong. Half the time they were too young to even know what was going on, let alone put a name to it, and still knew they were being violated. I wouldn’t wish rape on anyone, but I think you’re one of the few in this world that needs a wake up call.

  • >>We as a party are absolutely determined to pursue a revised law which lead to a complete elimination of child pornography

    You don’t know how hard I rage every time someone uses the term “child pornography” in this context. Hey I’d love to see child pornography disappear too… oh wait, you’re talking about 2D.

    Massive fail.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, there is no such thing as ‘child pornography’ in the first place. There isn’t even such a thing as ‘adult pornography’.

      There is such a thing as pictures of adults with adults in sexual situations, and adults with children or children with children in sexual situations.

      As to ‘pornography’…. that was a term made up to make it sound like those things were ‘bad’ for society, when actually those things keep 99% of forcible rapes that otherwise would happen from happening!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah now that the government has finally taken this seriously the chances of loli being banned are pretty high, I wonder what theyll go after next.
    Then again its mostly just loli and rape what gets the most global attention so it might stop there,
    or it could just get worse…

    • Anonymous says:

      Is this really just regarding Loli? I’m not clear on who Japan determines is a Minor, but generally isn’t that anyone who isn’t considered an Adult? So anyone under 20 in Japan? Even if the goal is to ban images of very young 2D children, this Easily stretches to include sexual images of older kids as well.

      If I were Japanese I’d be Very worried about how this will play out. But the Japanese aren’t known for being confrontational. :/

    • Lol… I wonder. The otaku industry is pretty important, and IF they’re in their right mind, they wouldn’t try to cripple one of their industries in the middle of an economic recession and wait till the recession is over, which hopefully by then the fuglies who are jealous will have forgotten about this issue.

      Main thing is, the Japanese government has to realise that each country has it’s own culture and style, and it’s not up to others to decide. Otaku-ism is pretty much a lifestyle or culture of its own. Plus, if the Japanese government are going to give in, it will only lead to a domino effect.

      Rape -> Lolis -> No more Onii Chan~ -> *list unexhaustive*…

      This will only serve to bring down the already slowing down otaku industry. If these industries close down -> loss of jobs -> GDP drops blah blah blah. If I was one of the politicians, I’d probably tell the fuglies that we do export Japanese quality made dildos for their satisfaction. I think it’s about time Japan wakes up and take a firm stand against jealous fuglies. As if the Equality Now was not serious enough… Goodness, this is probably where the Selecao phone would come in handy. “Juiz, keep the otaku industry intact and kill all fuglies”.

      Lol… But seriously I think that many of us are actually ready to fight back if these fuglies push for too much. GROW A SPINE U DAMN POLITICIANS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, it is…. frankly, I would tell these people where they could stick it and challenge these laws until the backs of the politicians broke MY WAY and they repealed these laws.

      It’s past time to realize that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, and that if you don’t want pedosexuals to be doinking actual children, you have to have a way for them to sate their desires in a way that doesn’t involve those children.

      But of course, this is NOT about protecting children from forced or ‘unwanted’ sexual encounters…. this is about marginalizing a group of people, since homosexual bashing is no longer acceptable and is punishable by a LONG stretch in federal prison in any country outside of the Middle East, India and Pakistan.

      • This post is filled with knowledge. People need to come to terms with pedophiles. If you realise that there are people who are aroused by children and think of them as normal then that doesn’t mean that they’ll suddenly break into your homes and rape your four year olds. And just as the last bit says, this isn’t about protecting children, it’s about getting your way while using something everyone will agree to as a mask, in this case protecting children/women’s rights.