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Megumi Nakajima Opens Youtube Channel


Megumi Nakajima, the young seiyuu-singer that made her debut last year as Macross F’s moeful Ranka Lee, has had her own Youtube Channel open yesterday, simultaneously with her 20th birthday.

Given her youth and rookie status (she has only Ranka and Basquash!’s Citron to her name), a personal Youtube Channel, definitely something of a rarity among seiyuu, can be seen as another publicity stunt of sorts, similar to last year’s dancing video on Nico.

The only real content thus posted, aside from a 16-second clip from a birthday party, is this audio-only first episode of her radio show, Megumi Nakajami’s Shinkaron (Evolution).

You can listen to it here below, if for no other reason than to be surprised by how much her speaking voice sounds like Ranka:

Her aforementioned dancing video, which has since been removed from Nico:

Mameguch Channel.

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