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Lolicon Head Teacher Smears Cream On Schoolgirls


A top head teacher and inspector of schools has been found guilty of sexually inspecting at least five schoolgirls, though he insists it is all a misunderstanding and he was merely “applying medicinal cream” to their genitals, or “taking them to the toilet.”

The 56-year-old head teacher ran a primary school in Wales, and had been appointed a lead inspector of schools. His concern for the health of his young female charges proved to be his undoing however.

The prosecution accused the man of harbouring “an unhealthy interest in young girls”, though of 19 original charges 8 were dropped on account of poor evidence, and he was cleared of two of the remainder. This still left 9 charges of sexual assault on his students, which the jury saw fit to convict him of.

The charges included stripping girls and then rubbing “medicinal cream” into their genitals, or helping girls in their trips to the toilet. He was also accused of assaulting two girls after taking them swimming.

One member of staff described how she had witnessed the head take off a girl’s trousers and pantsu and “prise open her legs” after she had complained of being sore.

At the end of the examination the girl was said to have asked her “Miss, have I been naughty?” The staff member allegedly reported the incident, but nothing was done.

The old man desperately tried to stave off a jail sentence, but the judge was having none of it: “The inevitability is custody. I can’t see any other consequence. I’m certain.” He did however grant bail for the head teacher to prepare himself for a stay in one of the UK’s luxury prisons.

The teacher insisted upon his innocence until the bitter end: “It’s a tragedy. It’s broken our hearts.”

In addition to his jail sentence, he has been suspended from his position as head teacher and an investigation into the school’s handling of the case is underway.

Via the BBC. Thanks to Sycamore for the tip.

It seems enthusiastic concern for the health of female students is universal in the teaching profession, and the child heaven of the west is no exception…

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