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Schoolgirl Directs Loli Gang Rape Film


A 14-year-old girl had her boyfriend and two other male accomplices violate her friend whilst she delightedly filmed the crime.

The schoolgirl perpetrator, who was attending a school in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, had her friend accompany her and her boyfriend to a secluded spot, where she had sex with her boyfriend whilst her friend acted as lookout.

Apparently not satisfied, the girl then told her friend to have sex with her boyfriend too. She declined, but the schoolgirl insisted, and had her boyfriend rape her whilst she watched, apparently enjoying the spectacle.

Still not satisfied, she called two additional male acquaintances and had them have sex repeatedly with the girl too.

All the while she had apparently been filming the ordeal with her mobile phone, and encouraging the boys whilst they had their way with the girl.

Their victim subsequently reported them to police.

Via The Star.

This sort of thing seems a surprisingly common form of delinquent sadism

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