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Erogane no Linebarrel Emi Kizaki Oppad Raep


This stimulating video displays the buxom Emi Kizaki from service-filled anime Kurogane no Linebarrels (or at least an oppai mousepad of her) being raeped by a stuffed animal of some sort.

Complete with added added sound effects, this video will do well as an instructional tool for those yet to learn the proper way to use an oppai mousepad.

Player 1


There is this sage English message by the presumed creator of the video on Youtube, if you require an in-depth description:

This is a review of solid mouse pad made in Japan.

Though it looks like breasts, do not turn such a cold glance to me!

Craftsmanship stays in this mouse pad.

It is very first-class goods as for softness, use feelings, and which.

NOTO lovely NOTO

The Emi Kizaki mousepad is still available online, in limited quantities.

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