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Seeking Rapist: Man Has Wife Raped Through Craigslist


A man has been arrested after arranging his wife’s rape on online classifieds site Craigslist.

Another man agreed to the request, and came one night to their house, menacing the wife with a knife and having his way with her even whilst the husband and their two children were present at the home. He too was arrested.

The North Carolinian couple and their children were apparently at home on the night of the incident, when in the early morning a man entered the home armed with a knife, and proceeded to the couple’s bedroom, where the lady was sleeping.

During all this the husband was apparently elsewhere in the house, as were the couple’s two young children, and “unaware” of what was happening.

The police investigation quickly discovered that this was no ordinary case of home invasion:

“During the investigation, investigators interviewed the victim and her husband. Investigators became suspicious when they noticed there was no sign of forced entry to the home. Investigators also developed information that led them to note specific inconsistencies in the initial statement provided by [the man].”

Police then found that he “had responded to at least two personal ads on in an effort to arrange for someone to come to his home and have sex with his wife using some type of scare tactic.”

Police think that the husband arranged the rape without telling his wife, or securing her consent.

The lady victim was briefly hospitalised and forensically examined but suffered no significant injury.

The man arrested for the rape faces charges of first degree rape, two counts of first degree sexual offences and a count of attempted sexual offence.

Via CNN.

A case of cruel revenge for some unknown slight, or BDSM play gone horrendously awry? In either case it would appear the men involved acted unwisely in the extreme…

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