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Obama Moe in New Korean Manhwa


A South Korean publisher has recently produced a manhwa, or Korean manga, detailing the early life of a young and distinctly moe Barrack Obama.

The author translated his manhwa from Korean in order to enter the American market with his works.

If the manhwa proves to be successful future moe biographies in the “Great Hero” series may be written for Mr. Obama’s secretary Hillary Clinton, Charles Darwin, and others.

The publishers expect the book to be such a success that they have reserved front table displays at major American bookstores and have set up an overseas office as well.

The manhwa itself will cover Obama’s life in Hawaii, visiting Kenya, and his Ivy League schooling. It seems unlikely it will be anything but a hagiographic paean to the great leader’s rise, with any controversy left out in favor of lionising Obama, as is the fashion.



The manhwa is targeted more toward children as an educational read, though it is doubtless Obamaniacs will snatch up the books poised for a mere 20,000 copy run, before children will ever get a chance.

For many Americans, it may be the only book detailing their President’s life that they will ever get time to read…

Via Publisher’s Weekly.

This is probably more to the liking of the Obama camp than the previous ero-manga

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