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Music Mania: Releases Include Nana Mizuki, Minori Chihara


This week has seen an especially copious number of notable (for Akiba) CD releases, with popular seiyuu-singers Nana Mizuki and Minori Chihara both having new CDs, K-ON! receiving its OST, the new Fullmetal Alchemist 1st OP by Yui, and a new Macross F drama CD all coming out on virtually the same day.

Below are some samplings and information about the new releases if your musical tastes are so inclined…

Minori Chihara /  茅原実里

Tomorrow’s Chance


Tomorrow’s Chance is the first new single from Minorin (Nagato’s seiyuu, among several others) since last year’s Paradise Lost, the OP to the supernatural action Ga-rei Zero series.

Watch the PV above, if for no other reason than to notice how much better Minorin looks when she wears her down in her normal style.

Nana Mizuki / 水樹 奈々



This is the first full sized album from Mizuki (Nanoha’s Fate, Minami-ke’s Touma, White Album’s Rina) in nearly two years, a delightful event for fans of the popular seiyuu singer.

The PV above is for 悦楽カメリア / Etsuraku Camellia (Pleasure Camellia), one of the new songs from the album.



Following up the tremendously successful OP, ED and Fuwa Fuwa Time releases, the OST for K-ON! has finally come out, offering 15 different background tracks from the show, samples of which are available at the above Amazon link.

Not content with the artwork featured on the CD cover’s, one of the staff members at Tora no Ana main Akihabara store took it upon himself to make his own CD jacket (!) featuring the moe-some Azusa, as photographed below by Moeyo:



The white signs read, “Azusa is definitely the best!” and, “My Azusa isn’t on it (the cover)!?”

Certainly, the staffer (apparently one of the managers) has earned his high rank among fans of Azusa.

Macross Frontier Drama CD Nyan-Dora 3


The third Drama CD from Macross F, this release contains 50 minutes of sure to be entertaining radio play performances by the main cast members of Macross F.

As the name would suggest, this is the third such Drama CD, continuing on from Volumes 1 and 2.

And, yes, this is not strictly a music release, with only 1 of the 4 tracks, 突撃ラブハート / Totsugeki Rabu Haato (Assault Love Heart) appearing to be a song.

Those in search of more of Macross F’s beautiful melodies, can find assistance by way of the attractively packaged Macross F Ero-CDs.

Image via Senaka Blog.




The 1st OP for the new Full Metal Alchemist series, “again”,  is the last in our round-up of new releases – sung by singer (not seiyuu) YUI, this new single is quite interesting to listen to, partly because of YUI’s atypical voice.

Unfortunately, all videos of it are being removed quickly by its zealous copyright holders…

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