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Japanese Trap TV – Turn Young Boys into Girls!


This video shows more of the oft-bizarre world of Japanese TV, the topic of this program being the conversion of young high school boys into appropriately attired young girls, then having them engage in “play” with a male idol onstage, as shown above.

The highly excited studio audience present is, naturally, almost entirely composed of young Japanese women – if you too would also like to join in on the marvel of trap transformations, the videos are shown below…

If you will only watch one video, Part 3 is highly recommended, both for the quality of its trap and for the numerous subtitles added via Youtube’s comment feature.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

There are multiple other episodes of the show available online, checking Youtube’s related links or searching by differing episode number should make them easily findable.

Those interested in undergoing their own transformation may wish to peruse the previous guide to breast creation. If 2D traps are more your preference, the Delicious Trap Gallery may be of interest…

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