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“Don’t Look Down”: Doctor Attempts Sex with Patient’s Knee


A doctor has been arrested after rubbing his penis on a lady patient’s knees. He was supposed to be examining the young lady’s throat.

The 41-year-old doctor, a specialist in diseases of the nose and throat, was working at a specialist clinic in Fukuoka when he was called upon to inspect a young lady’s throat. She was 20 at the time.

The lady was laid down in a reclining chair, alone with the doctor, being admonished “Don’t move” and “Don’t look down.”

However, she quickly noticed something was amiss with the examination when the doctor pulled down his trousers and repeatedly rubbed his nether regions against her knees, apparently hoping she would not notice.

His patient objected to this unusual method of diagnosis, and lodged a complaint with the establishment, but was told to get lost: “We don’t know anything about that.”

Upset with this, she instead filed a complaint with police, prompting a criminal investigation, still ongoing.

The doctor for his part denies the allegations: “This lady is surely mistaken.”

Police are apparently investigating a number of other allegations of improper “treatment” received by patients, suspecting the cases may be related…

Via the Nishi Nippon Shimbun, with thanks to Kornpone for the tip.

Japanese doctors seem to be having many such problems of late…

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