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Angel of Light Nanael, Queen’s Blade Ero-Figure by Griffon


A new figure rendition of one of the girls of Queen’s Blade from Griffon is just around the corner, the selection of the popular character Nanael timed to coincide with the current broadcast of the highly ero TV series.

As the figure exhibits Griffon’s usual attention to detail (including being nearly completely cast-offable), this figure appears to be one of the best yet of the milk-carrying angel, and is sure to be highly sought after by Queen’s Blade fans, along with the previous loli Yumil figure.

The アニメ版クイーンズブレイド 光明の天使 ナナエル / Anime Version Queen’s Blade Angel of Light Nanael is a 1/7 scale PVC, sculpted by ひろまん / Hiroman and released by Griffon Enterprises.

Released at a price point of about ¥7, 500, the figure stands firmly in the middle of the road as far as pricing goes, similar to the recent Persona 4 Rise figure, and substantially below that of high-end ones like the Black Rock Shooter.


The figure’s pose is quite nice, with an elevated Nanael allowing for a tantalizingly easy panchira, and the usual base / nameplate combo used by Griffon looks as attractive as ever.




Her skirt only billows out in front, so a rear panchira would require a closer inspection.


Her face looks to be somewhat off the original character, and most probably a bit plain.

Griffon occasionally has troubles with this – in many Griffon figures, the face can be just a tiny bit off, such as with their Goth Loli Nagato.



Nanael’s bust is quite impressive, as some of the later photos will show in great detail.


Her blade is also somewhat plain, but given the expected viewing angle and that the sword is not likely to draw much focus on itself, it’s more than sufficient.


The easily seen panchira reveals these lovely polka dot pantsu.

Nanael’s holy milk bottle, hanging off her hip, is also cute in its own way.



Generally lightning/water/cloud type effects in figures can easily appear silly or overly fake, but this base looks just fine.


As promised, Nanael is thankfully cast-offable, which just happens to show that her pantsu have suffered some rather grave battle damage.

Poor Nanael!


The damaged pantsu extends to even the rear, which thankfully has very nicely sculpted oshiri lines.


The nipple color looks lovely.


Her belly and sides look succulent, with the small fold of Nanael-meat on her right side being a very nice touch of detail.



The Angel of Light Nanael figure by Griffon has just been released in Japan, meaning  that of course most stores are already out, although she is still available at a few online shops.

See the rest of the lovely photos at Akiba Hobby.

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