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$4,000,000 Hymen Unbroken as Buyer Backs Out


The 22-year-old California virgin who auctioned off her virginity and somehow managed to drum up a bid of $3.8 million faces disappoint as her buyer has sheepishly backed out of the deal after his wife objected to his profligacy.

The prostitute, going by the pseudonym of Natalie Dylan, was smugly on the verge of becoming a millionaire thanks to her shameless hawking of herself online, with no small assistance rendered by the media.

However, only days ago her dreams were punctured when the buyer, a 38-year-old Australian real estate mogul, told her he would have to renege on the deal, as his wife objected to him bedding virgins for millions.

Just why he entered into the deal without first dealing with this matter is not clear, though it is perhaps not nearly as mystifying as why he did not simply elope to a South East Asian country in order to find a more reasonably priced hymen there.

He even had the temerity to ask for his $250,000 deposit back, and even more astonishingly actually received it.

The hymen’s owner seems distinctly unamused at being denied her easy money: “I told him to go back into marriage therapy.”

The young lady is now back where she started, and is putting herself back on the market. Just what price she will fetch remains to be seen.


Via the NY Post.

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