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PSP Go: Sony “PSP2” Scraps UMD, Gains 16GB




Details of Sony’s latest handheld have emerged, and the device seems to incorporate some interesting innovations.

The most notable internal change is that the UMD (Sony’s proprietary CD/DVD drive solution for the PSP) is to be scrapped, which will doubtless please many.

Another major change is clearly directly linked to this: the PSP Go gains a very reasonable 16GB of solid state memory, along with a slot allowing use of another memory device. Bluetooth support is also added.

The balance of probability suggests Sony intends online distribution of content to the device via its own PlayStation Network, which is exactly what Nintendo is trying with its latest DS iteration.

The most immediately noticeable change is of the course the redesigned slimline form of the case, using a slide-out form factor familiar from mobile phones, and by the looks of it allowed by the removal of the relatively bulky optical drive. The design is being compared to a previous Sony product, the “mylo”, and indeed it is the spitting image of that device.




The PSP Go is set for release in the Autumn of 2009.

New Gran Turismo and Metal Gear titles are set to be amongst the flagship games for the console.

Curiously, the PSP Go will apparently not directly replace the PSP 3000, instead being sold alongside it. Just how this will work out is an interesting question…

Via Itai News.

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  • porungagoku says:

    it looks fukin awful. i thought they’d add another analog! but no and they’ve made the screen smaller scrapped the umd and made the whole thing a stupid shape! whats the point! sony what the fuk r u thinking u are all completely useless and should die.
    this almost pisses me off as much as endless eight

  • I take it that this will still be able to play the old PSP games, or am I mistaken?

    Another thing is it’s battery life and durability: sure, the first PSP can only support up to 8 GB memory stick, but I can play for much longer plus it’s already survived five accidental crashes for three years now (no thanks to those whom I borrowed it to)

  • Hm…unless the games are going to be distributed on SD cards from now on, count me out. I like having my console games on removable hardware — I recalled reading somewhere that the games for this baby can only be bought on PSN, which can’t be good for such a relatively small hard drive.

  • Anomalous says:

    Blah. Sony has gone to shit since they moved their HQ to the US. The second to last image actually looks like a sony product I would spend money on.

    Am I the only one who sees the actual PSP2 they’re releasing and can only think it looks like some sort of cheap chinese rip-off?

    Thanks for uh…nothing, Sony.

    You know, this company moved in down the road from a place I use to work in San Diego. Just around the corner from Avenue of Science in Rancho Bernardo. Someone like, go egg these fuckers for ruining the Sony brand.

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t know, I just want them to add in basic features I’d expect any media device to have i.e. renaming files, making folders etc…

    It’s crap I have to plug the damn thing into my comp to do this. And why is there still no second analog nub? Damn.

  • Well, actually if I can legally download the games again from SONY’s PSN which I already own on UMD discs , then it should not be a big problem that the PSP Go does not have an UMD drive. I am thinking of VALVE’s STEAM-like system, where you can register your purchased PC DVD-rom games so you can pre-load the games from VALVE’s STEAM server instead of using the DVD discs (although only applicable for games from VALVE and a small selection of other games from other developers e.g. EPIC’s Unreal Tournament 3). I think cutting of the UMD drive from the PSP, will surely lower the costs of the PSP portable device and is meant to fight off against piracy (no disc, no rip!), DRM will be certainly used for protecting the games. Remember, securom is developed by SONY.

  • TheCollision says:

    Call me old fashioned but I like holding that UMD in my hands. At least the tangible UMD has no possibility of “accidentally being deleted”. Unless you throw it away or something haha.


    Release UMD titles online? Hahahhaa.. what a joke.

    Never going to get a PSP GO.

    Only reason UMD is good is that you can import Japanese games and Korean games and still play it on your PSP. With Sony’s “online releases”, we’ll NEVER see great titles like DJ MAX online for download.

    Just take a look at the difference between the Online Store for US and for Japan! Japan version has so many good PS-One titles already on the store, but US only has an hand-full of crappy titles that I wouldn’t even want to touch… Yuck…

    Hence why PSP GO would be fail for import gamers like myself.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you will see them online for download… you will just have to learn a little bit of Japanese and use the Japanese language site to download.

      I wonder what they are going to do about all the old UMD things however….. since this doesn’t have the drive on it, are they going to allow people to download the thing online again if they can PROVE that they owned the thing in the first place on a UMD?

  • KillerMantle says:

    I don’t care if it’s for battery’s sake. If this new PSP don’t have UMD, It’s crap!
    What the hell I’m suposed to do with my games? I have 15 games and a fucking movie!
    And I know there’s a lot of people who have a lot more games and movies.

    • Anonymous says:

      WHOA! Calm down a minute…. I am sure that Sony will put out a way that you can copy your UMD’s somehow to these new drives (maybe using your OLD PSP to transfer them to the NEW one through the USB jack!).

      They would NOT be willing to piss off their customers by having their old games go the vaporware route.

  • Wah! SO many comments already. It has 16gb built-in but also has an memory slot for expandability! I just hope it’s not memory stick. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dimensions are smaller than the mylo as well.

  • Oh, sony, what have you done? who needs things like internal hard disk and smaller screen? Where are the second L and R buttons? and where oh where is the second joystick? You clearly live in your own perfect world if you think people will buy it. Nintendo will probably create a real DS2 by the time this “PSP GOAT” comes out.

      • “The L/R buttons are on the back, similar to the Gameboy SP, and it uses internal Flash memory, not a hard disc. :)”

        Did I say something about the location of the L/R buttons? no I didn’t. I said we need the L2/R2 buttons. and about the hard disc, it’s just a way of speech, of course it’s flash memory. But if I want more memory for my PSP2000 I will buy it on my own. Sony just thinks they can sell it to people “as a pack with a new design”. They are wrong.

  • The PSP Go will flop.

    Any real fan of the PSP knows for damn sure
    they will stick to a PSP 1000 forever, or at
    least a PSP 2000 that is hackable (Star Wars edition,
    God Of War edition, etc).

    The newer a Sony product is released the less
    chances there are for hacking it’s motherboard.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sygmal, shut up. Not everyone who wants no ‘copy-protections’ on these things is a pirate. Some are…… but most of them are just legitimate customers who are really tired of being forbidden to use THEIR property the way THEY want to use it by these big companies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? As long as you can back up your games on something like a DVD or Memory Stick….. why are you so unwilling to buy things electronically?

      That is the only reason why I won’t use Steam: no way to backup my game in case Steam goes “PFFFT!”

      That’s the only reason why I am only buying games in .ISO format or with an installer that I can backup on a DVD online.

  • You know, I would so consider buying this if they have some proper spec ups. I mean, adding 16 GB SSD? I guess that seems appealing, but then MS Duo never went wrong. Getting rid of the UMD may be an advantage mass-wise, but unless they have a solution to current owners of UMDs, then it’s a no deal. And not region specific games either. I don’t wanna get my Project Diva UMD and not be able to play it.

    Looking at the photos, too, I’m not overly fond of the design. The old PSP line has very good designs. This one, not so much. Not only in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of practicality. Sliding seems like a good idea, but then sliding mechanisms gets worn out after a time, right?… And also, the buttons (โƒ, X, โƒž, and โƒค) look like the old fashioned buttons on consoles such as the Famicon and Super Famicon. They lack the protruding nature of the old PSP buttons. That would make the feel a lot different, and I’m sure, quite frustrating to some.

  • Downright Ugly device. Its got no difference for the previous hardware except for the ugly looks and storage device. This is gonna be an awesome flop from Sony to replace the worst gaming device Nokia N-Gage.

  • I wonder…
    without a UMD drive… do they not lose all the games that has already been released for the PSP?
    also… how will they sell new games? (unless this fabled ‘slot allowing use of another memory device’ will be something similar to the DSs cartridges?
    or is it JUST through downloads?

  • I like the old look of the PSP better (remember Ken Kutaragi designed the PSP and PS3, now he’s gone this PSP Go is designed by someone else). This PSP Go just looks ugly; Sony should have keep the typical look of the PSP classic (Does SONY really hate Kutaragi that much). I prefer a “clam cell” design: better protection for the screen (although we all buy screen-protections any way, but still).

    Also, there’s no touchscreen (no-one mentioned it in the leaks); then why use the “sliding” design to make it look like PDA or iPhone/iPod touch?; the only purpose is then to make the PSP shorter than the PSP Classic. Touchscreen really adds more interaction, conveniency and better/more gameplay to games or other multimedia purposes (i.e. overall a better experience). A PSP with touchscreen only can beat the Nintendo DS. Compatibility should not be a problem, since the developers can add a dual control system to particular games: analog stick mode (i.e. “mouse emulation”) or touch screen mode when gameplay of that particular game allows.

    And how can I play my old PSP UMD discs games, since there’s no UMD drive on the new PSP Go. It would be nice if there’s an external UMD drive (usb?) for the PSP Go, so I could still play my favorite UMD games. Or we have to buy back our games over and over again, but this time in digital form via digital distribution, SONY!?

    • Anonymous says:

      You answer it yourself… the sliding design probably to make it shorter thus more portable.
      They would not add something that isn’t necessary.. This is not PSP2… it’s a redesign… Touchscreen would only add to the cost of the device. And the compatibility problem is not as easy as emulating the touch as mouse! if you have use a touch device (whether it’s a phone or tablet pc), then you’ll surely understand that both input method is massively different in real world usage.
      They could add it just for the multimedia purposes, but like I said before, it would only make it pricier without having big enough benefit.

      In case you didn’t read the article completely, PSP Go isn’t going to replace PSP-3000. So if you want to play UMD games and you seems already have PSP, then don’t buy it.. it’s that simple!

      The hardest part for Sony is to socialize that this device doesn’t have UMD drive, thus off the shell games for PSP wouldn’t work with it.

      But I do agree with you that it would be nice for Sony to somehow make UMD games transferable to this UMD-less PSP.

  • If they wont upgrade the innards, it’ll be pointless for me to buy this one. Everybody here in Russia, being a devoted pirates fans, playing all the games we want on the psp2000 freely. Lol why would I buy this one?

  • TsubasaNoTenshi says:

    We must first of all note that size, accessibility, and portability come before quality and comfort when it comes to handheld systems. The PSP Go! as apparently 43 percent lighter than the PSP-300, and features a number of other little newly developed aspects to ease the consumer. Other features like UMD retirement and battery life expansion, some might call crucial and others stupid and needless, alongside the 3.8 inch screen. 16 GB of memory may not prove to be as exciting of an upgrade as many think, as various reviews, based on games’ experience, show how even a 4GB memory slot is satisfactionary… Many. however are flaming with rage and anger to the cause of the PSP Go! being just a simple upgrade, like many classify the DSi, rather than a full-blown renewal, featuring everything suggested by devoted fans. One very prolonged and dreaded issue was the presence of only one analog controller, making it difficult to control camera angles and the lot, which saw no life in this renovation, sadly. A good lot of people are also complaining because of the small buttons and knobs, rendering large-handed consumers unable to do much. Even though it is said that third parties are slowly returning to the console, few can forget the last quoters filled with disappointment and rage over unsatisfying games.There are a lot of speculations surfacing, be them on the price tag (expected to be astronomical) or on its further updates, performances and exclusive library.

  • Lol the video reminds me of Xam’d. That series was too random. RUN AWAY RUN AWAY RUN AWAY
    What was shown pretty much amounted to something displaying a clock though, I don’t remember a game shown on what they were holding.
    Sony: Fairly ideal systems showing current hardware.
    Nintendo: Good controls for the portable, overreaching with the console. Weak hardware.
    Microsoft: Faulty hardware. I don’t expect them to move away from the shadows anytime soon.
    Lack of games on all consoles. DS has a decent library, PSP has a bit too many ports. PC seems to be on the rise.
    Gonna stop now. I’m already trapped in babble.

  • cloner4000 says:

    This is a Handheld system meant to play games not a cell’s too smal to hold in your hands and I agree..the button are at some pretty weird places…

    release some of the good games on PSP would definitely help.

  • No Get!

    I do like the fact that they opted to take out the UMD drive. People can already mod their PSPs to play game ISOs saved on the memory stick. Because of that, and the fact that the PSP can play MP4 videos, so drive became obsolete. Glad they also made a built in hard drive too! Guess they’ll start selling their software through the Playstation network. With all the things they eliminated, it not only made the PSP lighter and more compact, it also helps to extend the battery life. Even with all the new design decisions though, it doesn’t help that the control scheme is just atrocious! And the fact that they made the screen smaller really hurts. They should’ve just replaced (in the current PSP model) the old UMD drive with a hard drive, and add a camera.

    • just got to ask.. WHY THE FUCK WOULD A HAND HELD GAME SYSTEM NEED A CAMERA!?!?! its like phones i still have no clue why they need a camra.. hardly ANY one uses them… ugh game = plays games not takes photos, and yes i raged when i found the DSI had a camera…

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, there was one guy who got caught using an external PSP camera accessory to take upskirt shots.,,, It was bulky and obvious.

        The only reason I can think of to want a camera in your portable gaming unit is if it were to point at the USER, so you can do video Skype when you’re in WiFi range.

        Anyone going to a social event will likely carry a cellphone, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a cellphone without a built-in camera.

        The reason for cellphone cameras is to encourage the impulse taking and sharing of pictures… transmitted over the phone service provider’s network, and charged for at expensive rates (i.e., super-profit).

      • No one uses the camera phone? Are you joking me? Maybe you don’t go out to social gatherings very much, but camera phones are perfect for capturing those rare moments in life that you would’nt expect to happen, and decided not to carry an actual camera everywhere you go.

  • I just lost my PSP-1000 when my car exploded. I wish this were coming out sooner. Now I have to decide between buying a 3000 or waiting ’til Fall.

    Would it be too excessive to buy both?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think S*ny will do one of two things about that:

      1. Say (effectively) to its customers, “There is no media upgrade path. You will have to buy your games all over again for the Go model. Ha-ha, we screwed you again!”


      2. Release some sort of overpriced external UMD reader which plugs into the Go via USB port, and say (effectively) to its customers, “Ha-ha, we screwed you again!”

      • Chronomaster says:

        If they don’t release a dumper hand in hand with the Go, then I’m not touching it.

        I don’t care if it has 16GB or has a slideout form factor. You don’t alienate an entire backlog of games within the same generation of platform. No one has ever done that, and for a very good reason.

        • Redsight88 says:

          Sony’s 10 year life cycle will screw them over eventually. Microsoft and Nintendo are in a hurry to sell portables. By releasing theirs last, Microsoft will be able to add features that people want in their PSP Go. Sony should build quality high tech devices and release them LAST with better features than the others. But even if they do that, 10 year plans are like a golden ticket for the competition.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think it’s better if Sony (and game developers) release more good titles for the PSP than improving the hardware. This article just wanna make me sell my psp-2000 and buy a DSi.

    • Why couldn’t PSP leave his sister Mylo alone?
      Sony, proving that inbreeding really leads to retardation. Seriously, the d-pad looks retarded.

      When the PSP Go powers on, don’t expect it to play the all too familiar PS tune. Expect to hear:
      DEE DEE DEE!

      Btw, what kind of Fuckin’ name is PSP Go? They must have pulled that out of an intern’s ass.

        • Anonymous says:

          I was going to buy the PSP Go until i saw the design, they tried and failed, because it looks gimmicky, and the previous comments voiced my first problem with the thing when i saw the vid the other day. Monster Hunter possibly the biggest franchise for the PSP as a whole, ESPECIALLY in the Japan will be utterly impossible to play on this piece of shit. I only bought a PSP soley for the Monster Hunter series. It doesn’t matter to me how good the graphics or screen are without controls its useless. The same would account for if any company released the best console in the world, with unbetable graphics million times what the ps3 or 360 is capable of with a shit controller, i wouldn’t buy it, because its all about the controls, nothing else at the end of the day matters.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just a guess but, the fact that the have been namin the psp models as they come out as psp-1000, psp 2000 and so on, it could be that the Go could be the japanese 5. To make a point its a completely different model they decided to not to call it psp 5000 or something and instead named it go, which also holds the double meaning of portability.

        Just a guess though and its still a pretty stupid name imo.