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Teacher Fondles Loli Oppai “Checking For Breast Cancer”


An overly conscientious teacher has been subjected to disciplinary dismissal after he helped female students by giving them unscheduled breast examinations.

The 49-year-old middle school teacher was concerned that the young girls might develop breast cancer, so he kindly took them in to the health room for private examinations, he says. “I was checking for lumps associated with breast cancer.”

He apparently did this at least six times from December 2007 to March 2008, without any objections from his trusting students.

However, when his pupils graduated from middle school and began attending high school in 2009, it seems they discussed the matter there and the school soon came to the uncharitable conclusion that his health checks were actually less than innocent in intent.

The teacher admits to the unauthorised examinations, and has been dismissed from his post, the school apparently valuing the propriety of its students over their health.

Via ZakZak.

Another shining example of the Japanese teaching profession…

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