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Female Equality in Violent Crime Looms


Crime statistics and prison populations are usually dominated by male offenders, but UK statistics show one quarter of violent attacks reported in last year were instigated by women, a figure which has been precipitously rising in recent years and threatens unwanted female equality in violent criminality.

A report by England’s Home Office indicates arrests of English and Welsh women, often dubbed “thugettes”, in “violence against the person” offenses have risen from 37,000 to over 88,000 in ten years and now account for roughly 240 arrests a day.

Arrests of females engaged in drunk or disorderly conduct rose 53 percent to almost 6,000 offenders from 2003 figures.

All-female gangs are becoming increasingly prevalent in Britain and gangs comprised of mixed-genders are not uncommon either.

Violent crimes even recently overtook the previous most common cause for arrest among women: theft and handling of stolen goods.

Blame for this rise in violence has been placed on the UK’s decadent infatuation with boozing and binge drinking, with pub owners who offer drink discounts and free entry to taverns for female patrons singled out.

“We have had our concerns for some time. We have seen a degeneration of behaviour on our streets over the past ten years,” said a ranking member of the Police Federation, “and where once young women had a calming effect on rowdy men, we increasingly see them involved in the violence.”

If you enjoy additional facts and figures, check out middle-market rag The Daily Mail for more.

Although seeing women incarcerated at similar rates to men might be equality of a sort, the doubling in crime rates it would entail is probably not something even the staunchest of feminists would welcome, or so might be hoped…

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