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Nurses Get Breast Implants as Hiring Perk


A Prague health clinic is offering free breast enlargement surgery as an incentive to female nurse hires.

The understaffed Iscare clinic will offer the surgery, or alternatively liposuction treatment, if nurses sign on for a three-year contract. The clinic was also looking for secretaries and doctors, though it is expected any new hires that are male will take the latter surgery, if any.

A manager at the clinic has called the free perk a success, as the clinic has already had to turn many away from seeking employment with them since the offer was announced.

The clinic charges over $5,000 for breast enlargement surgery, which would otherwise be three months wages for a nurse at Iscare.

The Czech Republic has been losing many health care professionals trained in the country to other Western European nations with greater benefit offers for employees.

Some may hope other Czech medical institutions will adopt similar business practices, as the health care system is in need of approximately 6,000 new nurses among other badly needed staff, although it remains to be seen whether there is a sufficiently large population of nurses insecure over the size of their busts for this to be a success.

Perhaps more important than the effect on nurse retention is the possibility of attracting male customers with the promise of busty nurses…

Via The Australian.

In China, some have already taken to plastic surgery procedures to gain an edge on job applications, so there seems to be potential for profitable overlap here?

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