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Angel Beats!: Key Anime with Haruhi Parody?


It seems that Angel Beats!, the latest project from Maeda Jun and Key that was reported earlier is not a in fact a game at all, but is actually an anime series.

Reports are surfacing that the similarity between the main character’s looks and those of Haruhi is intentional, and it seems set to contain Haruhi parody elements.


In the latest edition of Dengeki G’s, it has been revealed that the series will be set in the afterlife, and all the characters are already dead. The characters will be involved in a battle (whether it is tournament style is not clear) and angels will feature, all terribly original fare.

Yurippe, the Haruhi-esque lead character, heads a group suspiciously called the “SSS Group”, in order to win this battle.



Key’s other well known member, Na-Ga, is said to have completed the main storyline and also the individual stories for around 30 of the series characters, which rather suggests a lengthy title. A longer or mixed media anime seems quite possible.

As with Maeda’s other stories it will revolve around a single theme, in this case: 人生 (life).

Aniplex is set to be producing the anime, although there are no mentions of which studio will be animating it.

Observers are quick to point out that this story sounds similar to Yu Yu Hakusho or even Bleach, and the SSS Group sounds similar to the “SoS Dan”. Just how far this title will take these “references”, “inspirations” or (hopefully) parodies is not clear.

One thing that fans can be certain of is that Little Busters! will not be animated anytime soon…

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