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Penis Puppet Man Arrested


A man who used his penis to hold an exhibitionistic puppet show has been arrested for indecent exposure.

The 44-year-old man was reported one morning by concerned residents of a Washington state apartment complex after they witnessed him standing over an air conditioner intake wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt and a piece of string.

He had apparently tied the string to his penis, and was “manipulating his penis … like a puppet.”

Police arrived and found him still toying with his penile marionette, prompting them to arrest him.

The man was charged after it emerged he had two prior convictions for similar offences, and incarcerated as he could not meet bail conditions of $25,000.

Police found a small quantity of methamphetamine in his possession at the time of arrest, along with a pornographic magazine…

Via UPI.

His penis at least appears to have survived its ordeal unscathed…

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