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Otaku Crossdressers Get Magazine


Crossdressing is booming in Japan, and to support (or exploit) that phenomenom a new magazine, “Otoko no Ko no Club”, now caters specifically to the demographic.


Originally the magazine was planned to cater for both male and female crossdressers, but this was soon changed due to the noticeable rise of male crossdressers in Japan in the last few years.

The magazine’s title, オトコノコ / Otoko no Ko, is the now common usage of “boy” written with a non-standard reading of the character for “girl”, and then rendered into katakana.

The editor of the magazine is quoted as saying that the rise is tied to male otaku that start to crossdress as their favourite character (reminiscent of a certain crossdressing kickboxing champion). These cosplayers are said to be interested chiefly in sexual gratification.

These “casual” crossdressers are then joined by the old “hardcore” okama, males that either want to become woman or want to at least take on the trappings of their gender.

The magazine is selling quite well and has reached the rank of #219 on Amazon Japan recently; Japan has a particularly long history of crossdressing, so it will be interesting to see if this boom persists…

Via Cyzo.

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