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Woman Blows Off Boyfriend’s Penis with Firecrackers


A woman has been arrested after she tied firecrackers to her boyfriend’s penis whilst he was sleeping and set them off, as she was enraged that he turned down her offer of marriage.

The Russian couple had apparently been dating for two years, and the woman felt confident enough to propose.

However, her boyfriend (33) refused, undiplomatically telling her he would rather return to his first wife and their son.

His girlfriend was infuriated by this, and hatched a plan of incredible viciousness. When her former lover was in the process of moving out to return to his former wife, she invited him to a farewell dinner, there plying him with much food and drink.

Soon he fell asleep, and his jilted lover took her chance to avenge herself. She tied several firecrackers to his penis, and lit them. They exploded with catastrophic effects.

The man was hospitalised immediately and is said to be fighting for his life. It seems probable that he was completely emasculated by the attack.

If he survives, his ex-lover will face a sentence of up to twelve years, though if he dies murder charges seem likely.

Via Heaven.

If we discount circumcision, it seems Russia is the leading nation when it comes to penis abuse

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