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Xbox 360 Retail Humiliation


The slide in Xbox 360 sales, which seems to herald the end of its Japanese resurgence, continues with the news that the console now occupies the most humiliating spot of all in the Japanese retail hierarchy: the wagon.



Games relegated to the cut-price wagon are usually only the most the severely overstocked or poorly selling, but there seem to be A-list titles in abundance in Sofmap’s latest sale.

Just what this latest slight implies for the console’s retail prospects seems fairly clear…

Via Ore-teki.

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  • Anonymous says:

    360’s been failing since ’05 right out of the box with RRD. Microsoft should be sued by everyone that’s gotten RRD. M is knowingly selling faulty merchandise. They should have been able to fix this prob well within it’s 4 years in existence! It was called next gen but uses last gen tech. A disc tray, standard DVD roms and models that don’t have an HDD?! That limits what game developers can do with their games knowing that not everyone has an HDD with their 360. Metal Gear series creator said when MG4 goes to 360, it will take 3-4 discs. FFXIII will probably take 4-5! Micro-transactions are a pain too! That $60 360 game 3 years from now might end up costing you $90 after buying some levels here some new weapons there, paying yearly internet fees, etc. My cousin’s 360 has already been sent away for repairs of RRD and he had to wait 2 months

  • Thing is most Xbox fare are more western aimed than japanese aimed outside of the cultured market of jRPGs there isn’t much to draw the japanese in contrast to the other two systems.

  • Anonymous says:

    Think about this for a moment… There are already 1 million 360’s sold in Japan. That means 1 million people will buy FF13. Everybody in Japan loves RPGs. SquareEnix is very smart.Smart indeed.

  • Anonymous says:

    This whole gen pisses me off.

    Its all about HD graphics and online.
    i dig the HD graphics. they DO look stunning on a big tv.

    but then the miserable fail that is DLC on consoles…
    So DLC sounds great on paper for consoles and always was great on the PC. (patches, addons, user created content, etc)
    Yet on the consoles you are expected to fork over cash for it while its free for PC.
    Seriously MS? 50 MS points for a 50x50px avatar of a game i already own? 150 MS points for a ffing dashboard WALLPAPER?
    Then theres the game devs trying to rape you by charging money for cheats. CHEATS FFS!! (im looking at you namco…)

    and dont get me started on the online community on XBL…

    I might give the PS3 a chance if the rumours of a slim version are true. maybe, just maybe sony learned from MS´s greed and that SANE consumers are not putting up with that bullshit. (remember that VALVe has to charge money for the TF2 DLC packs or they wont be alowed to add extra achievements by MS?)
    i also suspect that Persona 5 will be a PS3 exclusive so ill have to get one sooner or later…

  • the Japanese are really special in the world because they are extremely patriotic. When their economies fails they’ll (meaning all of Japan) will stop being imported stuff and support local stuff [or so my economics teacher said once]

    • Yeah but tell me which country doesn’t have patriotic people? I mean look at America, even if the Xbox had 33% RRoD rate people still supported that hunk of junk, giving Microsoft the excuse to continue providing crappy infurior products.

      • Anonymous says:

        Highly disagree…I own a PS2 from the last gen and a 360 for this gen (its cheaper, Im a college student…so sue me) I genuinly like them both and mooch off my friends PS3. They are both great consoles, and ultimately Id like to own both. Also to everyone who keeps saying RROD=Xbox sucks…the majority of people in my school have the 360 and I have NEVER once seen a RROD or even heard a complaint about one…Maybe California didnt get the bad ones 😛 *shrugs*

  • Anonymous says:

    For nearly every games you can play on X360, you can play it on pc (Provided your pc can support it).

    For every H games you play on teh PC, you cant play it on X360.

    So friends, SARPORK PC!

    But I would like to play PS3 H games too =D

  • Honestly, I’d import a 360 if they’d ever get RROD under control. As it stands, I’m not going to spend $200+shipping just get a console that’ll crap out, and then be incapable of returning it.

    If only they had made the 360 region free, then I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

  • Anonymous says:

    American hardcore gamers seem to be very angry about the Wii, because Nintendo is focusing on casual games. I wonder if Japanese gamers harbor similar negative feelings towards the 360 because Microsoft is focusing on American-style games?

  • Mercurius says:

    Can’t confirm this…

    During Golden Week there were many carts/wagons in front of Softmap with Wii games and I also saw PS3 stuff in those carts… so this photo is a piece of shit in terms of evidence.

    When I checked Akiba’s shops lately and the shops in Osaka (DenDen-Town) the Xbox shelves were quite “big” as those of the PS3 games. And there also was a great variety of games.

    With the release of many hardcore titles like CAVE shooters, the Xbox now has a rock solid fanbase in Japan, and in the long run I think the Xbox will sell “ok” in Japan. Won’t beat the PS3 but also won’t ne ignored anymore.

  • Flatout:UC is a couple years old, you can’t even find it on the shelves in most of the US. I had to order it off Amazon.

    This seems to be more of a retailer that failed to anticipate what was gonna sell, than a failure of the xbox.

  • Anonymous says:

    Let me at it! This wagon is perfect for me to stock up on games until I get myself a new 360!!

    I live in the Asian region, so I’m able/forced to play games from Japan. Do you see those prices?

    Some of them are even less than a quarter of the standard release prices, and even fairly recent A-list games are in there too at some discount!

  • Save for a few of those games, I’d agree that most of those games are bargain bin titles. America, despite being a growing force int he industry, is still churning out mostly shit games. Look at how many of our Block-buster, ultra-hyped, triple-A titles turn out to be only worth renting or traded in the next day. Our market is pitiful and the few good games we do make end up selling like crap because the average consumer still thinks that ‘Madden oh-ten’ will somehow be better than the dozen other shitty madden games they bought for the past decade.

  • Anonymous says:

    truth be told, if you are a xbox gamer in japan, you should be happy about this. I didnt get prince of persia for my ps3 because the price made to think that it’s better i spend it on something else.

    I’m not a xbox guy, i own a PS3, but if i see ps3 games being that cheap, i dont mind one bit. The thing is whether or not japan likes the xb360, the americans are still on it’s side and america will continue churning out games.

    Both PS3 and xbox360 wont’ really die out, seriously. until their next generation comes, that is.

    • Redsight88 says:

      If I were in Sony’s shoes, I’d give up that “10 year” plan for the PS3 and be ready to release something new in the console and hand held market right after Microsoft or Nintendo.

      Seriously, go second or third and Sony can 1up the enemy with extra features. But 10 years is a stupid lifespan for Sony to announce. The others will shoot for 8 that way.

  • aside from biohazard and bioshock the rest kind of deserved it a-list titles are realy going downhill anymore too human was a piece of shit along with faltout and halowars they were pretty shitty games honestly.

    • Fuck all these consoles that are currently modern on the market.Wait for the dreamcast 2(probably has another name),sega is doing a smart aproach at everything now.
      They will surely own with their consoles,games and prices when it comes out.
      I never really liked any of the consoles except sega mega drive and dreamcast.

        • Graphics play a small part. New releases usually do not require a drastic upgrade. With the hardware upgrades, it only costs 100 dollars per every 2~3 years at most.

          Thinking like Nintendo? Wii hardly sells games, other than Nintendo games and a couple others.

          Successful overall software penetration results from just the consumer base that purchases the games. The hindrance to this for the PC was pirating. This is gradually being resolved through 1) cheaper game prices via downloads through the internet, as no packaging/hardware distribution is needed and 2) online support and free updates to those who purchase the game.


        • Timuroslav says:

          Technically the P.C. Personal computer isn’t a platform at all. They can barely be compared considering there is the lock stock and barrel computer sets, and obviously the customized personal gaming comps, as well as the working stuff.

          It’s almost obvious that the P.C. is going to be better with the amazing amount of graphics cards out their like Radeon Gforce, Unreal, and NVIDIA cards.

          The question is why does the XBox suck, as a consule game. Saying it SUCKS and being opinionated about it, is like scratching graffetti on the bathroom walls, people will read it, but no one will take your seriously.

          Why I Think it is not doing well. Well for the first part they over estimated their own fan base. It does not help that the Wii is like half the price of an Xbox 360 on average either. The prospect of a motion sensitive controller is pretty damn unique, credit to Nintendo. Also they let Mechwarrior Die because they killed it. Microsoft (the people who started Xbox) needs to consider foriegn marketing more seriously. Realistically, Some one in Southern Hiroshima is not going to like the same thing as a guy in Reno Nevada. Also it reflects their poor demographic research in foreign markets.
          It may have great graphics But you can ALWAYS upgrade your desktop Graphics card.
          They need to think more like Nintendo and Focus more on Content and demographics if they want to thrive elsewhere.

          Bottom line
          Revive Mechwarrior properly then they can be taken seriously

        • Narcissist says:

          Obviously I have a PC and loads of other consoles too. It was PS3 and X360 we were talking about though.

          But I can’t do anything but agree with you. PC is better as a platform. It can even do exactly the same thing as a console. Have your computer plugged in to your TV (DVI/HDMI) and home cinema reciever(HDMI/SPDIF), plug in a gamepad (personally I use the PS3 controller to my PC) and suddendly it is just like a console, and alot more.

          There is one problem though…Barely any good games is released to PC. Some MMO’s here, a few online games there and a very small amount of good single player games. There is like 80% more good releases to consoles.

        • i have a 360 and a few choice games.. its ok i have a PS3 and a few choice games.. its ok
          i have a will and a few choice games.. its ok

          i have a PC with a Lot of Good games.. its Rocks.

          Personly i see all consoles as out of date, yes they have some nice tech in them but my pc probly out runs them all and has the ability to get me here if asked PC is better

    • Who cares about these silly fan boy console wars. Is it really that difficult for a mid twenties guy to purchase two or three consoles nowadays? Only children who can’t afford multiple consoles will take sides and smear everything else, as if to defend his choice as the “right” one.

    • You really have no right to say that until you’ve experienced playing on the console itself. Just as I can’t REALLY say PS3 is overrated until I’ve actually experienced playing it for a significant amount of time.

      • Anonymous says:

        No one that has owned a PS3 for any decent amount of time thinks it’s overrated (of course excluding primarily 360 obsessed ‘fans’ that only bought a PS3 for a couple of games).

        • おれの名前シロです says:

          One can argue still that I’m not paying for multiplayer with the same P2P servers as PS3 games. Seeing as I have both consoles, I have the option to choose not to. =|

        • I beg to differ as well. In my house I have a my PS3, and a friend’s Wii and Xbox360.
          Wii has about 5 real games and about a million “party games” which are just crap. The PS3 didn’t have a lot of games, until this year. The Xbox360 sucks because you can’t watch blu-ray, most of the games for it you can buy for the PS3 anyway, It breaks down easily, spawn ugly red rings, and has a weird controller. Seriously, Microsoft should start selling 360 games in a red colored package, since most people know 360 by the red color.

        • Anonymous says:

          I beg to differ. I had a ps3 for about 2 years now, and I’ve only so far been able to buy and play about 5-6 games. Do you honestly believe the ps3 is not overrated?
          The wii probably has more outstanding games than the ps3. I’ve watched more blu rays than played them. My xbox is in constant use by the rest of the family, while the ps3 collects dust. Despite me having every single “must have” game on the ps3.
          The lack of jrpgs on all consoles is the main reason the japanese are hardly purchasing current gen consoles. And this is the only nation to have the xbox dead last in sales.

        • blade2577 says:

          Well it’s true you can do that for Xbox and I do think it sucks also, but not more than the Wii. Looked at the games lately? Can’t say any is good.

          Least Xbox has SO4. and Blue Dragon. However I still say Xbox sucks… and blu-ray burners are out and expensive. I own one.but you still won’t be able to play ripped games on it for a while.

        • Anonymous says:

          I think calling you a complete retard would be an extreme understatement. Blue Ray writers have been available for purchase for quite some time. Just check out and you will find them. Your comment stinks of fanboism. Funny, considering you are pushing a console you haven’t yet purchased, until you can rip its games off.

        • King of Hentai Gods says:

          what the shop did was right, x-box sux…
          plus, the game are downloadable & easy to burn into DVD, if people are lazy to download & burn then they can buy pirated DVD…
          unlike PS3, Blue-Ray Disk is better in quality, it’s not easy to burn to Disk as there are no Blue-Ray Writer available yet, thus the games are still downloadable but they’re useless cuz u can’t play on ur PC…
          PS3 FTW!
          I’ll wait until Blue-Ray Disc writer available then I’ll buy PS3 hehehe xD

        • おれの名前シロです says:

          Considering I own both, you all suck for dissing consoles and/or pushing consoles you do not own!

          Though I will agree Xbox fails, had to have mine sent in back in march. Therefor, it literally failed.

  • Xbox 360s are a good console, only hardcore sony fags would say that they aren’t. Xbox 360’s have a lot of promising titles as where sony just shares a lot of the similar ones. Playstation 3 has run it’s course in America, what would you rather do? Pay a bit for a dependable server or pay nothing for a laggy POS Server? I own a PS3 and Xbox 360, my PS3 collects dust. It’s not even a good Blu Ray Player. Fuck PS3, and fuck the sony fags who love it.

    • By “bit” you mean $79.99 AUD a year? that isn’t really a bit now is it?
      And by laggy servers, you wouldnt have 1million Killzone2 accounts when a game has just sold 1 million. PSN also offers free dedicated servers for all 1st party games, where as Xbox live charges you for listen servers provided by YOURSELF, now tell me whats wrong with that?
      From your comment it looks like you have actually realised how crap you Xbox is and are just deluding yourself from true quality.

  • Has anyone ever consider that japaness gamer suck, they don’t like FPS and their ideal action game is some shit from Koei.They are just too picky about their game and how come Biohazard is in that pile,it has only been like 2 month since it’s release.

  • Anonymous says:

    How typical, the first comment is a put down, thus resulting in more console war faggotary
    Xbox does not suck, PS3 does not suck, Wii does not suck
    They all have their good and bad points, people who don’t have enough money to spare for a PS3 (like me) stop whining about the PS3 sucking because you can’t have one, people who have plenty of/too much money and have a PS3 stop whinging about how the Xbox sucks just because the early modles exploded, people who have a Wii….buy one of the other too as soon as you can, unless you’re one of those Wii Fit people in which case I have nothing to say to you

    • Anonymous says:

      agreed! As a college student who had to buy all his consoles and games himself I couldn’t agree more!. Funny part is I actually find the 360 controller more comfortable. The placement of the sticks on the PS controller makes my thumbs cramp up…(not joking, it really does during long gaming sessions and its PAINFUL)