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“First-Time SM Guide” on Sale in Akiba


A new book from Ichijinsha, erotically (?) named “Your Body, Your Heart, They Belong to Me”, has gone on sale this week.

Copiously illustrated with manga artwork to instruct novices in the art of bondage, particularly shibari, the book is of course available in many of Akiba’s finest stores, which have taken the opportunity to create inspired product displays, as can be seen above…

The book carries the rather lengthy full title of 身体も心もボクのもの ~はじめてのSMガイド~ / “Your Body, Your Heart, They Belong to Me ~First Time SM Guide” and is 121 pages long.

It comes from the same staff that previously made the helpful 30歳の保健体育 / “30-year-old’s Physical Education” love guide for men who have earned the illustrious achievement of entering their 30s without ever having touched a woman.


The above display in Gamer’s main store is skillfully eye-catching.


It does appear that someone at the Gamers staff knows how to use a rope!

Perhaps he bought the book?


The sign reads, in part:

The SM that’s all the rage (?) in the city!!

Illustrated so that you can easily learn!

Unfortunately, the copy of the book with the rope is not a special edition of some kind, as the red text informs customers that the rope is a staff member’s “personal property”.


The Tora no Ana main store also has the book well advertised, with the sign announcing:

“I’m actually really interested in SM play, but…

I don’t have someone I can do it with…

and even if I did, I wouldn’t have any confidence in it…”

It’s OK!

With this book, you can master the fundamentals of SM play!!!

The closeness of Kyon and Itsuki’s faces to the sign might inadvertently bring some rather vivid images to mind…


The recently opened Comic Zin store offers this:

Make the “this and that” sort of play you’ve seen in your dreams a reality!

S sugoku (super…)

M majimede (seriously…)

Easy to learn!!

Read and you too can become a master!!

Everyone is by now most likely eager to see some of the content inside the book:






Via AkibaOS and Akiba Blog.

The book is available on Amazon, if you find yourself in need of SM instruction.

There are also these free diagrams available for instructional use…

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