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Eden of the East Phone


Japanese electronics giant NEC has previewed a phone that is an exact replica of the ones that are being used by the main characters in penis exposure anime Eden of the East.


In the series, the “Noblesse Oblige” phone is used by the Seleção to contact Juiz, for the purpose of carrying out their orders. The NEC rendition is a faithful recreation of just this fictional model (though with the likely ommision of secret organisations).

Not much more information was released by NEC, but it seems likely that using the song “Falling Down” as a ringtone is optional.

With the recently announced NERV keitai featuring in the upcoming Evangelion movie, might we expect even more anime-phone tie-ins?

There has already been talk of otaku buying up the same model that K-ON!’s Mio has been identified as using, so the opening seems to be there…

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