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Woman Hospitalised in Public Oral Sex Marathon


A porn star who sought to break the world record for consecutive fellatio by bringing 200 men to climax had to be hospitalized after managing only 75, and to add insult to injury also been arrested, as she tried to perform her oral sex marathon in a park in full view of the public.

The woman (21), a German AV performer going by the stage name of “Cora”, her real name being Carolin Berger, was attempting the record for cameras in a Hamburg park.

However, her lofty target of 200 brought to climax proved too ambitious, and she collapsed with breathing difficulties after only 75, and was then taken to hospital.

Since the venue chosen for the spectacle was a public park, concerned passersby soon alerted police of the obscene nature of the illegal gathering, and officers quickly moved in to break up the oral sex mayhem.

A comic fiasco ensued as the several hundred half clothed suitors gathered for the occasion fled police, with one breaking his wrist as he tripped over his own trousers.

Via Heaven.

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