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Game Over: Boy Commits Suicide After Parents Ban Gaming


A 12-year-old schoolboy leapt from a sixth floor veranda after his parents decreed that he could no longer play computer games.

The boy, who lived near Bangkok, Thailand, was apparently an avid gamer, and was distraught that his parents had banned him from gaming.

Police searching his mobile found that he had sent numerous mails to friends complaining of the ban, and saying “tomorrow is my last day.”

According to classmates the boy arrived at school Thailand normally, but after placing his bag at his desk headed straight out onto a sixth floor veranda, with a grim expression on his face, and there immediately jumped to his doom.

Just which game or games prompted this unfortunate case is not mentioned.

Thailand’s Ministry of Health criticised the parents for their handling of the case saying “For children addicted to gaming, the most effective approach is not to ban games but to regulate the time spent gaming.”

Via the Bangkok Shuho.

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